10 Commandments of Wedding Planning

Attention Brides / Grooms, MOH, BM, MOB, FOB and just about everyone in between: while we aim these Commandments towards those planning a wedding, know that almost all of these can be applied for just about any special event. I hope you're like me and can appreciate some sound advice, especially if it's to help avoid any unnecessary drama, issues or worse … legal cases.

Do not believe me? Just take a peek over at tackyweddings.com. 'Nuff said. [Warning: You may need help picking your jaw back up off the ground. Still waiting for Justin to help me with mine …]);

As for these particular commandments, we hope you keep some of them in mind as you begin, continue or even finish your planning journey. It's not an easy one, but it can be a lot of fun if you follow these and remember to smile along the way. Planning a wedding or other special event should be special and fun … really!

1. Thou shall not demand a champagne party on a beer budget.

Note: Please be realistic, or at least try to be. Talk to a planner like us – we can really paint a clear picture on what it'll likely run you. At the very least, take the time to research what typical costs are in your area (especially "per person" so you know roughly, at the minimum, what things can run).

2. Thou shall act like a proper lady / gentleman at their wedding.

Note: Self-explanatory. You do not want to look back on your photos / video a few years from now and go "Oh boy … what did we do …" or flat out "WTF!"

3. Thou shall hold thyself responsible for his or her guests' enjoyment.

Note: It's a party in your honor, but nonetheless you did invite your guests to share in your celebration, right? Make it a point to ensure they have fun … or at the very least, are well fed!

4. Thou shall not allow family / friends to make all of your decisions.

Note: Ever heard of the phrase " too many chefs in the kitchen"? Too many opinions can frustrate anyone – let alone a bride. Select a few people to refer to when you have questions or concerns. Ultimately if you're footing the bill, you definitely should be the final decision!

5. Thou shall treat family, bridal party & guests as you would want to be treated.

Note: None here. Self-explanatory … I hope.

6. Thou shall not invite everyone you've ever befriended, from birth until just last week.

Note: Not worth the $$$, at least that's our opinion. Especially if it's between "Joe" your neighbor from up the block versus a long distance cousin. Just when you think it's probably too far for a family member to travel, you may just be surprised that they do want to attend! (It could be a mini-vacation for them too!)

7. Thou shall not hire or allow their uncle / friend / father to be photographer / videographer.

Note: Trust us. You're probably not going to like what you see. Some might say that you're definitely not going to like what you see.

8. Thou shall make sure there is enough food for everyone.

Note: Please do not assume that because you like mahi mahi that everyone should be fed that. Most places allow at least 2 entree selections so pick wisely! If you're planning a party with offsite catering, work with your catering team to ensure your guests are well fed. Food should be plenty, but reasonable.

9. Thou shall remember that the reason for the party / reception is to celebrate the commitment or ceremony.

Note: Even though your ceremony may last anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour, it should be just as special and important (if not more) than your reception or party.

10. Thou shall read all your contracts and follow the instructions therein.

Note: Even if you hire someone like us that, as a part of our services, reviews your contracts with you, it does not mean you should let go of all responsibility. You need to know your rights and responsibilities when you decide to hire a professional to get the job done right. Read them-it's important (as I mentioned before: especially if you're footing the bill).