10 Fun Jobs You Wish You Had

Getting a good job for a lot of people is just a matter of finding a job with the right salary and the right benefits. Choosing one of the 10 fun jobs or more is going to be a luxury for a lot of people.

1. Testing Water Slides: Water slides require quality control just like everything else. The people who are responsible for actually controlling that quality are more or less paid to test water slides for a living.

2. People Who Write Guidebooks: The guidebooks that help other people on their journeys are written by people who were paid to travel to those locations first. These are adventurous individuals who pave the way for others and have a great time doing it.

3. Un-exploded Ordinance Technician: People who get paid to reduce the threat of un-exploded objects in certain areas more or less also get paid to set off explosions. They get paid six-figure salaries for this task, making it a good job in the sense of it being entertaining and well-compensated.

4. Snuggling for a Living: The mental health benefits of non-sexual touching are quite well-documented. However, not everyone has a partner available for that sort of non-sexual touching, and not all partners are going to be available all the time for that non-sexual touching anyway. People can now hire people to snuggle them.

5. Looking after the Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef is a habitat that is under attack. Naturally, it could use a house-sitter. The opportunity to house-sit the Great Barrier Reef comes with a huge salary and the opportunity to more or less go on vacation at the same time.

6. Making Chocolate for a Living: There are people who more or less do craft chocolate for a living. These people are practically artisans, and their medium of choice is chocolate.

7. Tagging Content for Netflix: The tags that help people find the content that they want on Netflix are created by people who were specifically employed to accomplish that one task. This is an exclusive position, but it is a position that allows people to get paid to watch television.

8. Voice Actors: While some voice actors would disagree, they do get many of the benefits of being actors with none of the drawbacks. Many of them have job security that other actors don’t have, and they don’t have to concern themselves with their appearance as much. They also don’t have to deal with the drawbacks of being famous.

9. Gum Tester: Before gum is actually put on the market, it needs to be tested by actual people first. These people are actually experts in gum in one way or another, but they also do genuinely get paid to essentially chew gum for most of their jobs.

10. People Who Are Paid to Sleep: Many of these people simply participate in sleep studies for a living. Other professional sleepers get paid to test hotel beds and other types of beds. Either way, they are paid to sleep all day long.