10 Funny Costume Ideas For Halloween 2009

If your budget’s tight or you’re simply looking for something different to do for Halloween this year, here’s a list of 10 funny costume ideas you can make at home in minutes for very little cost. Each one is a play on words, and they’re sure to earn you some grins or groans at the office Halloween party.

1) Freudian Slip – Wear a slip with a sign on it that says “Freud.”

2) Tic Tac Toe – Glue a container of Tic Tacs to the toe of your shoe.

3) Devil’s Advocate – Carry a sign that says, “Vote for the Devil.”

4) Blessing in Disguise – Put on a pair of dark sunglasses and a dark hat and wear a sash that says, “Bless You.”

5) Cereal Killer – Dress in black and glue mini cereal boxes to your shirt. Stick plastic knives into the boxes and add some ketchup for “blood.”

6) Quarter Pounder – Carry around some quarters and a hammer. When someone asks you what you are, pound a quarter.

7) CD Burner – Wear a blank CD around a neck and carry a pack of matches or a lighter.

8) God’s Gift to Women – Gift wrap a large box and cut holes in the top and sides for your head and arms. Add a gift tag that says “To: Women” and “From: God.”

9) Dr. Pepper – Wear medical scrubs and attach peppers to your shirt.

10) Identity Crisis – Wear any color shirt and stick name tags with different names all over it.