10 Gestures to Put a Smile on Your Girl’s Face

Everyone who is in a relationship wants best for their partner, and there is a question that keeps on wandering our minds that how to make our lover smile all the time. It is said that women are usually the expressing ones and its easier for them to express their feelings as compared to men; well that is what people say, I say something very different.

I believe it goes from person to person and relationship to relationship, sometimes just a second makes all the difference and sometimes even a lifetime is not sufficient, but we all want same thing – Happiness of our lover. In this article I am going to explain 10 simple gestures that can help you to express that you love & care; and I can assure you she will definitely smile if you do these on regular basis. So let’s start:

1) Texts – it takes not much time and resource but a text says that you remember and you miss your love. By sending just a “Good Morning Love” text when you wake up and “Goodnight Love” text before you sleep, you manage to say that she is the first person on your mind when you wake up and the last person you miss when you sleep. if you don’t text, make this a habit.

2) Surprises – Who doesn’t love surprises, but by surprises I don’t mean to say that you plan a big party for her, no that is what you should do on her birthday, but on everyday basis make it a point to call her and say that you miss her, or by paying a surprise visit at her work place or home just to see her, or any small surprise as that can make a lot of difference. Good surprises by default say that you care for the one you love.

3) Pictures – I don’t know if you have noticed, but women love taking their own pictures, not because they are self obsessed but because they love to keep memories intact. Take a nice picture when you’re together and make that picture wallpaper of your computer and mobile phone, the day she will see it, you will see a priceless smile on her face. If you don’t love taking pictures then may be its time you start taking pictures of her.

4) Hugs – many psychologists believe that women get attracted to strong arms because they like really long hugs. If she is close to you, just put your arms around her and hold her, or when you are walking hold her hand gently that makes her feel secure and loved. The more you’ll be protective of her, more she will feel calm and happy.

5) Slow Dancing – Dancing is the best turn on for any woman, even if you don’t know how to dance, just hold her close to your heart and just move a little, it will make her feel composed. Slow dancing for hours can fill her heart with your love, its not very difficult but pays you most in smiles.

6) Compliments – Compliment her as much as you can but sincerely, for example – when she meets you, say “you look so beautiful” this is the best compliment for women or if she makes you something to eat say “This is so delicious”, simple and sincere compliments are very important for women. This works not only on your lover but everyone around you because a sincere compliment makes them feel confident and happy, and brings a true and priceless smile on their face.

7) Gifts – When I say gifts I don’t mean you spend a lot of money (though diamonds are expensive but a woman’s best friends) but I mean to say a small gift, something which she can look at or hug when you’re not around, may be a small teddy or just a card you made yourself saying you love her. I can say that because I wrote a poem for my love on a paper and gave that to her and that paper doesn’t even have a fold, believe me when I say that not even laminating could have saved that paper in a better manner. Women like to hold onto things, they love gifts no matter how big or small that gift is but there are priceless emotions attached to those gifts.

8) Singing Her Favorite Song – Whenever on call or around her just sing her favorite song to her, I know not everyone of us is a good singer, but she will be happy to listen that song in your voice rather than in original singer’s voice, because that song is attached to her fantasies and when you sing that song you make all those fantasies come alive. Even if you make a complete fool out of yourself, that gesture is worth every comment that you might have to hear afterwards.

9) Listen to her – not just pretend but listen to every word she says, they love to talk about everything and when I say listen to her, it also says respond to her feelings for example if she is sad about a quarrel with her mom (which is a very common reason) just talk to her softly and say your mom loves you and so do you. she doesn’t need a solution but she wants to feel that there is someone around when no one else is. be someone who sees her first tear, catches the second, stops the third and makes her smile.

10) Tell her how much you love her – I understand if you say that you’ve said it once, what is the need to say it all the time, but nothing makes her smile more than when you say you love her. Believe me when you love someone telling how much you love them is never an embarrassment, or cheesy. It sounds childish but I have seen people in their late 60s saying “I love you” all the time. love is eternal and divine so love her and express your love whenever you can.

Whatever I have said above is not something very difficult to do but what we all want to do. I hope you see that priceless smile on your lovers face all the time. May god you stay with your True Love forever.

“Smile always because you are at your best when you smile”