10 Gige Fiber – FAQs

10 Gige Fiber is a standard of Ethernet technology that transmits data at 1000 megabits per second. It is commonly used in enterprise LAN environments.

10 gige fiber and lit buildings are commonly used terminologies these days that refer to the adoption of Ethernet technology over LAN and WAN environments. They are popular due to their high speed of voice and data transfer as well as their cost effectiveness. Here are some FAQs that will help you understand them better.

What is 10 gige fiber?
10 gige or 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber reflectors to the standard that wasrought out in 2002 by IEEE. This Ethernet is 10 times faster than the Gigabit Ethernet that exists at the time, hence the name. For a customer this means that data transmission takes place at 1000 megabits per second as opposed to 100 megabits per second in the earlier Ethernet standard. There are different standards used in the marketplace for gigabit Ethernet and these include optical fibers and copper cables. Ever since this technology was introduced, 10 gigabit Ethernet fiber has been widely used in LAN and WAN environments due to its cost effectiveness, high reliability and the ease with which it can be scaled up or managed.

Who uses 10 gige fiber Ethernet?
When it was first adopted, this technology was mainly used in an enterprise LAN environment. However, there have been changes taking place over the past few years. 10 gige technology is now used in WAN environments as well for providing transport, services, access networks and backbones. Due to the efficiency of services and the cost effectiveness that 10 gige offers, it is slowly taking over older technologies on networks that earlier used ATM switches, SONET Multiplexers and SONET rings, by replacing them with optical fiber.

How do I find a 10 gige fiber provider in my area?
Depending on the State or area where you live, the type of services you want or to find a fiber lit building in your neighborhood, the best place to find a service provider is online. There are several websites that offer quotes for these services based on your requirement. You can enter details regarding the type of service you are looking for or even the address of your building and submit it online. You will then get a list of service providers or lit buildings in the area and can opt to have the service providers contact you with their best quote. Based on a comparison of the services and costs, you can then narrow down your choice of the 10 gige fiber provider.