10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat

So you want to know the 10 reasons you are not losing fat. Well today I was on my way to work and I saw someone using the automatic door instead of opening it for themselves. I can understand if you are in a wheelchair, an elderly person of a kid that is not strong enough to, but some people are just lazy. So I thought to my self, I should write "10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat". So from my experiences today and some past experiences I came up with this list.

1. You do not eat breakfast. Not having breakfast will tell your body you would not like to start your metabolism. Do not burn any calories. By having breakfast it is jump starting your metabolism for the day so you are on the right track through out the day.

2. You use the automatic door. Think of it as you doing one rep of tricep press or row. If you go through enough doors in one day it could turn into a workout.

3. You use the elevator. How much extra time does it take to make it up a few flights of stairs. If it is not necessary due to health reasons then go up the few flights of stairs. If it is more then 3 flights then go ahead with the elevator.

4. Snacking at work. Are you bringing extra change to work and always being tempted by the vending machines? Some people will go to the machine more then twice. Most will grab a pop or soda and a chocolate bar. Save yourself by bringing enough to drink and some healthy snacks such as fruit or almonds.

5. Using a chair with wheels. A chair with wheels comes in handy for moving around your desk but when something is across the room, GET UP! That is one squat you just did. Think of how many more you could do if you were not rolling around all day.

6. Let someone else do it. You are too lazy to get up and grab something so have your kid or someone else reach it for you. You need to stretch your legs once in a while.

7. Your using every diet known to man. Have you tried so many diets and are getting no results? Maybe the problem is that you should be doing exercise in addition to eating healthy to get to your desired weight.

8. You use the drive through window. Take a couple extra minutes to go inside. Most of the time the drive through is so backed up it may actually take you less time. Cutting fast food out all together would be even better.

9. You park the car as close to the door as possible. You will circle the parking lot until you find a close spot. Do a little bit of walking to the store. It will help you in the long run.

10. You Overeat. Instead of taking it to go at the restaurant you stuff yourself so you get your moneys worth. If your eating at home and there is a little bit left then pack it up and use it as a snack for later or the next day. Do not just finish it because it is there.

I hope these "10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat" are helpful for you. Try to change one of these habits each day for the next 10 days.