10 Safest Neighborhoods to Rent Apartments in Birmingham

Birmingham is the cultural and also the entertainment center for the entire state of Alabama. Birmingham apartment listings are extensive. This is a city rich in experience and culture. It, like many other cities across other states, does have crime. You do not need to panic, however, because if you are looking for Birmingham apartments that are rid of the criminal element, you will most likely be successful, but you will need to do a little research to find the safest neighborhoods.

You may feel a little apprehensive about the city if you heard about the homicide statistics and how those numbers for a number of consecutive years were above the national average for cities across the states. However, the city of Birmingham and its residents have joined forces to cut down the criminal element in their communities. It has been working recently with the city of Birmingham, now living below national averages for homicide. So what do you do? Well, you should still consider Birmingham as a potential possibility. One can’t escape crime entirely no matter where you decide to put down roots. As with all cities, you need to be careful when choosing the location of your apartment. Let’s take a look at the top 10 safest neighborhoods in Birmingham.

1. Vestavia Hills

2. Camp Horne / Rocky Ridge

3. Overton / Brentwood Hills

4. Meadowbrook

5. Country Club Highlands

6. Lake Purdy

7. Bluff Park

8. Watkins / Simmsville

9. Glencoe

10. English Village

In Vestavia Hills, there is an average of 2 violent crimes and 35 property crimes annually. The Camp Horne / Rocky Ridge neighborhood has an annual average of 4 violent crimes and 49 property crimes. Overton / Brentwood Hills averages 3 violent crimes and 93 property crimes per year. Meadowbrook averages 9 violent crimes and 123 property crimes annually. Country Club Highlands averages 4 violent crimes and 71 property crimes. Lake Purdy averages quite a bit more with 22 violent crimes and 558 property crimes. In Bluff Park, there are 13 violent crimes and 250 property crimes annually. These rates might seem high, but compared to Avondale, one of the most crime-prone neighborhoods, they are fairly low. Avondale experiences 136 violent crimes and 652 property crimes annually.

You can also drive through the neighborhoods in question to determine other social and economic factors that might lead to criminal activity. For instance, if the general income level is low and it looks like there is a sizable portion of the residents in relative impoverishment, you may surmise that the environment may not bode well. These signs are not a given that crimes are being committed in that area, but they do provide a fairly hospitable foundation for these crimes to grow from. You can also interview people that live in the area to see how safe they feel as they walk around the neighborhood and sleep in their beds at night.

If you need apartments in Birmingham and you want to live safely, take this advice into consideration. You may find that you not only discover the gem of the Birmingham apartment listings, but you will have also picked a safe haven for both you and your family.