10 Simple Ways To Kick Up Your Internet Sales In Five Minutes Flat!

Every entrepreneur wants to know the secrets to kicking their sales up a notch. The key is doing so quickly and easily.

How do you do that? The more visitors you have, the more likely you are to make sales. The key is attracting good prospects. These are people visiting you site with their credit card in hand. Then you have to sell them, in five minutes.

There are simple strategies you can use to make sure prospects convert to paying customers quickly and easy.

Here are 10 ways you can kick your sales up a notch with little effort:

1. Reevaluate Your Sales Copy. The top reason products flop is poor copy. Good copy can sell bones to a skeleton. Bad copy won’t sell the fountain of youth. So if you are not selling well, take some time to reevaluate your sales copy.

2. Get More Testimonials. People will buy from you if they believe what you offer has some value. The best way to get this point across is by allowing others to tell your customers for you. You should always ask your customers what they think of your product. This should provide you with easy testimonials. Make sure you get a picture if you can too of the person giving a testimonial. Offer your customer something in return to encourage this practice.

3. Follow Up. You must follow up with prospects. Do not think for a minute by sending one message to a prospect you will land a sale. Most people have to see your message five or more times before they want to buy from you. Use an automatic service allowing you to send as many auto responders as needed.

4. Provide Free Products. Everyone wants something for nothing. If you want to convince your customers you have something worthy to buy, give away something free. This will dramatically improve your sales. Some of the best freebies include information products like an audio or CD of your book of product.

5. Offer Multiple Bonuses. Customers want what they are paying for and then more. Why not offer a special report, an audio and ebook in exchange for a purchase?

6. Create A Direct Response Website. This limits your customer’s selection of products so they can focus on your product page and are more encouraged to buy from you.

7. Build Relationships. The best customers are loyal customers. The only way to attract loyal customers is by gaining your customer’s trust and by building relationships. How do you do that? You can do that many ways. Personalize all messages you send to customers. Tell people what you think personally of the products you offer, how they benefited you and then show them how they successfully help others.

8. Price Products By Value. How do you price products? You have to price your products in a way that helps your customers understand the value your product provides. Does your customer need a product? Using killer copy, describe how your products and services fulfill your customer’s needs. Include specific details. Your goal should be helping your customers remain confident they will get what they need, so they do not worry about price.

9. Instill Urgency. What you want is people visiting your site that are ready to buy your products and services at a moment’s notice. You can’t allow customers who visit to put off buying, because they may not come back. How do you do that? Tell them they have to by now, and why. Tell them how they will benefit by acting immediately. Then offer them a deadline. Remember, your goals include helping your customer along the buying process.

10. Take Advantage of Info Marketing Products. Nothing makes an ordinary product look more extraordinary than information marketing products. These include audios, CD’s and other products that help translate your material into something customers can taste, touch and smell.