10 Steps to Make Your Tongue Send Her to Heaven

In California there are oral sex classes where the learning process is taking place with the help of plums and candy. In England there is a school where a young girl is acting as a practice material. That would be great to attend one of those schools, but for those of us who are not planning to put that on the agenda any time soon here are the ten simple rules, which are very useful when applied in practice.

1. Warm-up lap. The more energy and time you spend preparing your girlfriend for cunnilingus, or oral sex, the more results your efforts will bring. A bubble bath with rubber toys (not a vibrator, just regular ducks!) can serve as such preparation. Let her get into the bath and blissfully remain motionless. After a couple of minutes you can bust in there yourself, take off your underwear, yell out: “Look who is here” and jump into the water. Then start with a light and unobtrusive petting: stroking, kissing, and massaging.

2. Once the underwear is gone. After you dry up after the bath, proceed to creating an intimate atmosphere. Everything like in romantic movies: candles, semidarkness, clean bed sheets. The essential condition of an orgasm is a long and right foreplay. When she starts to passionately rip the clothes off herself, lay her in bed determinately, plant a long kiss on her lips and then go down south.

3. Clitoris science. We are not going to go over what clitoris is and where it can be found. We will just make a note of the fact that girls are not mass produced at some factory, they are all very different, and their sexual physiology is not an exception. Some have their clitoris higher, some have it lower, some have their clitoris deep in skin folds, and some have it stick outside. In other words, there is no single universal approach for all girls. Obviously, the sensitivity is also different for everyone – the deeper the clitoris is hidden, the less it is in contact with the outside world and the more tender and thorough treatment it requires. The main thing is not to attack a newly found clitoris as a five-year-old boy who just got a robot-transformer. Start with slight tongue movements along the labia and around the clitoris, gradually constricting the radius of action until you are on the home straight. When your tongue is concentrating on the clitoris, use one hand to caress her breast, and the fingers of the other hand to slowly enter the vagina.

4. Power of silence. The best way to find out if you are acting right is to talk to the girl. Of course if you ask her she will say: “Yes, I feel great” or she may not say anything at all. Therefore ask her to take your hand into hers and masturbate with her hand so that you could feel what movements and where she likes the best.

5. Broaden the horizons. A clitoris is not a magical button that guarantees an orgasm. Do not concentrate too much on it, because it can actually be painful for her. There are a lot of other interesting things down there. You should broaden the area of applying your mouth and fingers. In fact what we are used to calling the clitoris is in reality just the head of the clitoris. The clitoris’ shape actually resembles the penis, except for its body is not outside but inside under the so-called hood. Feel about for the clitoris and squeeze it together with the top endings of the labia between your fingers. You will feel something resembling a wire – this is the body of the clitoris. Try to masturbate it like you would your own penis, only much slower and more careful. She will experience completely special and incomparable sensations that she is unlikely to have experienced ever before. Now you can rightfully demand a generous reward from her.

6. Tongue fitness. Your tongue is a muscle, and just like all the other muscles it can get tired from intensive work. Therefore it does need training. Try to keep these exercises a secret from your girlfriend.

Exercise #1. Take a ripe plum and squeeze it between your palms. Try to crack it and get the stone out of it with your tongue. The tongue’s movements should at least roughly resemble those that you perform during cunnilingus. The goal is not only the strength, but the skill also.

Exercise #2. Take the “Tic Tac” drops, squeeze one between your lips and start to suck it into your mouth and let it go back. Your goal is to achieve the maximum range of motion so that the drop would at the same time remain squeezed between your lips. When you master this trick, add the tongue and lick the drop with circle motions.

Exercise #3. Squeeze any round lollipop with your teeth and try to drill (or to be more exact lick) a hole in it with your tongue.

7. I will give you a slapping. Many of us think that the clitoris can only be licked and rubbed. With all our heart we feel sorry for those boring and limited people. Put your palm on her pubis with your fingers facing down and slap the clitoris gently with your index finger. This will cause a flow of blood and will increase her sensitivity. Keep in mind that you can do it not only with your finger but with your tongue also. After 15-20 seconds change the tactics. For example, move the skin folds adjoined to the clitoris apart put your finger on the clitoris and start rotate it as a joystick. One more option that is also good for the beginning is to fully strip the clitoris and blow (or breathe) on it, after which you can proceed to your normal procedures with your tongue or wet finger.

8. Let’s go! It’s time to show the whole power of your tongue. Its muscles are very active and mobile but very few people use all of its capabilities. As a rule a lot of people limit themselves to unoriginal movements of the tip of the tongue. You should try something different. Run the wide middle part of your tongue over the labia so that you could completely cover it. Do several motions like that and then focus on the clitoris area and massage it with the tip of your tongue. Now try alternating these motions. Gradually concentrate your attention on the clitoris more and more. In order to diversify your entertainment program, flex your tongue as hard as you can and try to insert it into her vagina.

9. The main reflex. Remember exercise #2 with the “Tic Tac” drop? It’s time to use this trick on a girl. Part the skin folds on the vagina as much as you can so that the clitoris was naked, take it with your lips and slightly pull it in. Then the same way as described in exercise #2 add the tongue. The main thing is being very tender and careful. Before this of course get her ready by using techniques from point 8.

10. Happy end. Watch her hips movements. But only watch, do not copy them. By moving she is trying to adapt to your movements’ rhythm and to position herself in the most comfortable and pleasant way. Just keep going the same thing in the same rhythm. Change one movement with another only when she is still. Do not clutch at her feet or anything else with your hands, give her the maximum freedom of movement. You can put your hand on her stomach: the flexed abs is the first sign of the oncoming orgasm. At this point you should forget about any experiments and keep doing what you’ve been doing up to this point – in the same rhythm and in the same range. When she reaches the long-awaited orgasm (most likely you are going to feel it either by the muscle contractions or by the deep breathing, or by the moans and cramps) – wait until it is over and stop. You do not need to do anything else, otherwise you will cause her unpleasant sensations.

Now you can relax your tongue and stretch out on the couch. It’s her turn!