10 Things You Can Take Apart With a Tri Wing Screwdriver

Have you ever wondered what in the world you would need a screwdriver with a Y-shaped tip for? It seems that almost everything these days uses Phillips screws for its assembly. Believe it or not, there are many things that you wouldn’t be able to open with a Phillips screwdriver no matter how hard you tried.

This is a list of ten things that use tri tipped screws instead of Phillips. You probably have some of these in your very own home. Let’s check it out.

1. You need it to take apart the Nintendo Wii. This is probably the most common thing people buy this screwdriver for. This game console uses a mixture of tri wing screws and tiny Phillips screws.

2. You also need this screwdriver to take apart the Wii-U. It is pretty much the same screw set up as its predecessor.

3. Nintendo controllers use these screws too. This seems to be a repeating trend with Nintendo products, don’t you think?

4. Microsoft has joined the club with their Zune products. However, some of the Zune’s do not use these screws.

5. Here comes the Apple Macbook Pro! If you take a look at the screws on this laptop you will surely find that they have tri wing heads.

6. Nikon also uses these types of screws occasionally. For example, they have used it on a flash attachment for cameras called the SB 700 Flash.

7. Number 7 on our list comes from Nintendo yet again and is the Nintendo Gamecube. This was one of Nintendo’s earlier game consoles that was quite popular when it came out.

8. The handheld gaming system called the Nintendo DS also uses this type of screw for its assembly.

9. Samsung has made a tablet called the Galaxy Tab and they used screws with tri wing heads to put it all together.

10. The last item on our list that uses these not so common screws is the Nintendo Gameboy. It is not much of a surprise that this also comes from the Nintendo company.

Although you might not need one for taking apart a desk or putting in closet doors, you will most likely need a tri wing screwdriver for taking apart electronics. This is especially true if you need to get inside of any Nintendo products. Who knows, the tri wing screw might even rise in popularity in the near future.