10 Things You Must Keep in a Fireproof Safe

While we agree that we should prepare for a disaster, most of us will not take any initiative towards that. Buying a fireproof safe is a foolproof way to prepare for a disaster. It demands a bit of prudence when deciding what to put in them, because no strongbox can hold everything. If you are confused about what all things you can store in them, follow our list of some of the more important things you should consider protecting.

Insurance Policy: A major part of any monetary back-up plan is your auto, life and home insurance policies. In case of a theft in your house, the first thing you'll need is a copy of your home insurance policy.

Birth certificates: To replace them is not easy. It is proof that you are a citizen of a particular country. You need to show your birth certificate to get a new passport. Even if you are applying for a new job the company will demand your birth certificate. It is the proof of your citizenship. It will take some time for the permissions to issue a new birth certificate, and meanwhile you will have no proof to show your identity.

Medical information : Contact details of your family physician, and medical prescriptions should be stored in a fireproof safe so you can quickly buy essential medicines. You will need this information to buy medicines if you regularly use certain medicines.

House photos: To get insurance money you need to furnish photos of the interior and exterior of your home to your insurance company. You can store them in a CD or thumb drive and keep it in a fireproof safe.

Bank keys: If you have a bank safety deposit box, the keys of the box should be kept inside the fireproof safe. During an emergency this will enable you to access the keys or else the boxes will have to be forced open and replaced at your expense.

Passports: It is possible to get a new passport on short notice, but it is not very easy. It can take at least three weeks to process even expedited passports.

Financial account info: Keep a list of contact and account information related to any retirement plans and other financial accounts in a fireproof safe. This will enable you to access funds on short notice.

Family Will: You need access to them upon notification of the box owner's death.

Emergency Cash: In case an emergency occurs it might catch you with little money in your pocket. To give you quick-access to cash during emergencies you must keep some money in a fireproof safe.

Social security cards : To collect social security benefits, to get a job and even to receive certain other government services you need your social security number. It is not safe to carry the card in your wallet or pocket, but it is always safe to store it in a fireproof safe.

A word of caution: Not all fireproof safes are waterproof. So wrap your priceless possessions in a plastic bag to protect the contents in the safe.