10 Tips for an Exciting 90 Day Marketing Plan

This is a process I learned in my newbie network marketing days and it's held me in good stead ever since.

No matter what type of business you're in you need to have a 90 day plan that you can follow and implement easily.

When the 90 days are up you can take a little time to evaluate your results, tweak your marketing methods and then go for another 90 day plan!

Back to back marketing plans are what successful marketers use to break through to new levels of success in their business.

They may not call them 90 day plans but you can be sure that they have a long term plan that they implement, track and tweak.

I like 90 day plans because they are short enough for you to see the end but long enough for you to get exciting results.

In your heart you know that consistency is the key so why are you not consistent?

Probably because you do not have a clear 90 day plan that you believe in.

You've got to go all in with it and whether you're able to work on your home or online business a couple of hours a day or a couple of times a week you've got to be consistent and you've got to follow your plan.

So how are you doing on that?

I find that many home based entrepreneurs do not have an organized marketing plan at all.

They have some methods they intend to use and sometimes they implement and sometimes they do not.

It all depends what else is going on and how much time they have.

Well I think you already know that allowing time to decide how much marketing you'll usually do not turn out well!

Here are some tips for creating an exciting 90 day marketing plan that will make you want to jump out of bed to follow it!

• Choose 3 marketing or lead generation methods that you think you will enjoy and commit to master them and implement them over 90 days

• If you're doing online marketing and have to learn some new stuff then factor in time for that learning curve.

• Have specific times and days that you do certain things and make them your priority each week. In the old days for instance my team would commit to post 100 freepost surveys per day through doors or we could do 250 in one session by handing them out in town twice per week.

• Write your 90 day plan down on paper or print it off and stick it on the wall or somewhere you will see it every day as a reminder to keep you on course.

• Tick or fill in the activity so you track it in real time and feel a sense of accomplishment each day.

• Remember that it's tricky to set goals about number of sales, sign ups or clients BUT it is easy to set goals for activity which leads to sales so focus on daily ACTIVITY.

• If you're doing online marketing to draw people towards you and want to create massive momentum I recommend you create one piece of content per day. This may be a blog post, a short video of you sharing a tip, a short screen share video showing how to do something (easy to do with Jing) or talking through some PowerPoint slides, a short audio or a 500 word article.

• Think about how to use the internet to proactively meet new people. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other networking sites are GREAT places to meet people and build relationships. Even if you're a complete luddite you can do this!

• How much time will you spend each day meeting new people online? Put that on your plan if this is one of your methods and make sure you have a marketing funnel set up for when some of these new friends want to check out what you offer.

• Do not despairs when things do not happen right away. It takes consistent effort before things start to go pop! For the online marketing, piece of content a day method do not be worried if you're not getting many leads before 45 days. Keep going!

Okay well these are my ten tips for you to create your personalized and exciting 90 day plan.