10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Elevator Pitch

You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

So, picture you're in an elevator – the door opens at the next floor and a remarkably important person in your sector steps in. You are aware that this could possibly be the opportunity of a lifetime – this particular person might be able to open thousands of doors for you – but first, you've got to impress him / her. Do you have an elevator speech prepared and committed to memory?

An elevator pitch is a summary used to get a point across swiftly and efficiently. As the name hints, the overview should be as long as an elevator ride – you've got approximately 30 – 60 seconds to produce a good impression. Exactly why only 30 – 60 seconds? There is two explanations: Sometimes the individual you want to make a good impression on only has a minute of time free. Moreover, the attention span of a normal man or woman is just 30 seconds … Unless you make it appealing obviously!

The objective of the elevator pitch is not to tell the person every single small element of your business. The goal is simply just to get them interested – to want them to discover more about you and what you have to offer. A successful elevator pitch should leave them wanting more.

The elevator pitch can be used every time you meet a prospective client, investor, and so forth. It also comes very handy every time somebody inquires of you: "What do you do for a living?"

Listed below are 10 helpful tips that can be used to craft the ideal elevator pitch:

  1. What makes your business distinct? What makes it different from competitors? If you happen to describe your business, does the individual you're describing it to think "so what?" They should not. Resolve the "so what" concern before they even mull over the question.
  2. Enlighten people about the problem that your business is solving. If they do not instantly comprehend what problem your business is the solution to, they will likely see your business as having no purpose.
  3. Keep your pitch simple. Make use of simple, regular words which teenagers are able to fully understand. Do not try to sound smart by using big, elegant words. Keep the gobbledegook for yourself.
  4. Write your elevator pitch down. To start with draft a rough version, thereafter perfect and shorten it to 30-60 seconds, or 100 – 200 words. Rehearse your elevator pitch and recite it to a few of your colleagues or close friends or loved ones and ask their honest opinion.
  5. Aim to craft separate elevator pitches for several groups of people. A unique approach would probably be necessary for investors (how do they benefit financially?), Clients (what problem would you like to solve?), Journalists (what really makes your business distinct from others?), Etc.
  6. Allow your passion for your business to be evident in your pitch. When people hear how excited you are about your business, most likely, they too will be.
  7. Try to use words that will make it possible for your listener to visualize what you are telling them about. Allow them to visualize it in their own minds and make it memorable.
  8. Include your pitch with a distinct call to action. For example, tell them where they could buy your product; tell them to check out your website; ask them to give consideration to investing in your business; set-up a meeting; etcetera.
  9. If you've got people working under you, make sure that they too, rehearse the elevator pitch. This might ensure that you, and also your employees, take full advantage of any business opportunities that could come your way.
  10. If you're using an elevator pitch to sell a product or service, provide your potential buyer (s) two options. The majority of people will immediately decline if you happen to give them a single option, but provided with two choices, they will regularly mull over one of the choices. To illustrate, instead of asking whether or not they want to purchase "Book A", ask them which book they wish to buy, "Book A" or alternatively "Book B". This is an old and tested sales trick!

Here is a typical elevator pitch template to help you get started (just fill in the blanks): [Your company name] provides [your product or service] for [your market]. We offer [what remedy will you be providing to the market's problem.] Distinct from other [your company type] companies, we [what makes you unique]. [Conclude with your call-to-action.]

What's your elevator pitch? Or do you have any pointers on creating the ideal elevator pitch? Feel free to comment!