10 Useful Facts About Swimming Pool Pumps

Most of us are completely oblivious to the hard working swimming pool  pump  as we are splashing around and enjoying ourselves on holiday or down at the local leisure centre but it is good to be aware of how important a factor the  pump  is in the maintaining of a healthy, hygienic pool.

What follows, are 10 facts about the water  pumps  that power our swimming pools, providing a little information about how they work and what they achieve.

1. As mentioned in the introduction, the pool  pump  is a vital part of the whole system and ensures that the water is as free of bacteria as possible and helps to give it the inviting appearance that makes us want to jump in!

2. Water  pumps  circulate water around the pool.

3. They force the water through a filtration system which enables the chemicals to be evenly distributed and dispersed and also makes sure that the water doesn’t become stagnant with constant movement.

4. It is also possible to use heat  pumps  which raise the level of the water temperature. A simple mechanism which just requires you to set a temperature, absorbing energy from the air and returning it to the pool water.

5. Water  pumps  can be used with sea water, bromine, chlorine and an Iodine & Bromine combination.

6. They filter any debris and detritus from the water, once again allowing all the users of the pool a fun and healthy time.

7. How much water can be  pumped  in an hour rather than the amount of horsepower a  pump  has is how  pump  quality is usually determined.

8. A typical pool  pump  uses around 500 watts to 2000 watts of energy.

9. Commercial and public swimming pool  pumps  often run 24 hours a day whereas a residential pool  pump  might only run for 4 hours a day in the winter months but constantly during the warm summer months when the water is likely to be used more frequently.

10. Usefully, some water  pumps  will have two motor speeds in order to save energy and power when most needed.

There are plenty of different manufacturers who make swimming pool and more general water  pumps ‘, so shopping around for the right one at the right price is always a good idea. Use the internet to help you make decisions and read about the different options available before you commit to buy.