10 Ways to Attract New Business at No Extra Cost

Last week I went shopping and saw a sign in the window: "Going Out Of Business Sale". This week I noticed a new cardboard headstone "Space For Rent" in my neighborhood. These are results of the same problem … not enough business.

It is great when you can open a business and attract new customers immediately or when your website guarantees you a constant stream of income. But, none of these simply 'just' happened. Growing your business means self marketing and planning ahead every step of the way. Here are ten strategies to help you attract more business. And the best part: They will not cost you anything.

1. Be a walking example of how effective your product or service is

Let's say you sell beauty products. Make sure your own skin, make up, etc. is perfect whenever you go out for business. If people see how beautiful your products work or look on you they want to buy them. Or, you're a professional organizer. What will people think of you if you're late for a meeting, forgot to bring the promised brochures, and when you open your calendar it looks all chaotic. BE A MODEL for your business.

2. Seek to serve instead of just seeking to sell

What comes around goes around! Help others to grow their business or supporting them in any way you can go a long way in growing your own business.

3. Add value by networking all the time. Carry business cards wherever you go

Networking opportunities are everywhere where: at the supermarket, the doctor's office, even at the playground. I know that for a fact! When someone asks you what you do, give them a card. You want them to be able to hear and see the name of your company. You would be surprised how often business cards will be passed around and / or turn up months later. Also, find out how you can help. What does that person need? Whom do you know who could help? BE A MATCHMAKER every single day.

4. Sell the benefits, not the features. Nobody buys features anymore

People buy what those features will do for them. Everyone hates to buy insurances, so why are so many sold? Simply because of what insurances will do for you. So, know your benefits and practice your elevator speech.

5. Add value to your potential customers by expanding their professional vision and goals

People appreciate it when they feel that you understand their business needs and you're able to provide creative ideas that will help them to realize or even expand their vision and goals. Go on an exploratory journey with your potential customer.

6. Follow up, follow up, follow up

The secret of keeping your current customers is to show interest. Add value to your customers by making sure they're making the best use of your product or service. Let them know that you have their business at heart, that their success is your success. Show them that YOU CARE!

7. Turn your customers into your company's research and development department

It is of much more value to you to find out why people buy your product or service instead of focusing on why certain people are not interested. Ask your customers why they buy your products and service and use this information to improve your marketing and refine your value proposition.

8. Improve your communication skills and be an active listener

Take time to listen to your clients, prospects, and business partners; listen carefully – do not let your mind wander during the listening process. Never make any assumptions. Take time to find out the real motives and emotions, perceived and real problems. If you can refer to people they want to be around you.

9. Learn from people who are naturally attractive

Some people are; some people are not. Spend time with those who are and emulate them; ask them for help. They will be happy to tell you how it works. Just be ready to make changes in your assumptions, thinking, actions, and behavior.

10. Strengthen your personal finances, so you do not need the money anymore

When you feel financially secure you will become an even stronger magnet for attracting new business – because you do not needily need it anymore.

To improve your business, challenge yourself! Pick one of the 10 strategies described above, the one where you seem to struggle the most. Then, see if you can implement this strategy in the way you do business. Please feel free to share your successes with me – and any questions about how to grow your business.