10 Ways To Turn Your Woman On And Get Her Hot, Wet And Desperate For Sex

You are about to discover 10 ways to turn your woman on and get her hot, wet and desperate to have sex with you.

Most men ignore foreplay and rush to the sex, but this is a huge mistake that causes their women to get frustrated and annoyed.

Your woman wants to be very turned on, wet and horny BEFORE you try to stick your ‘tool’ inside her. And it’s your job to get her all worked up and ready to be penetrated.

With that in mind, here are…

10 Ways To Turn Your Woman On And Get Her Hot, Wet And Desperate For Sex

All of these techniques involve stimulating your woman’s erogenous zones. Work out which ones you woman likes best and use them to INSTANTLY GET HER IN THE MOOD for sex:

1. Suck Her Bottom Lip

Whilst you are kissing your woman, try gently sucking her bottom lip. Many women love this. You can also try BITING her lip – just be careful when you do so. This drives some women crazy with desire…

It’s like a switch to TURN HER ON – one bite and she’s horny.

2. Kiss Her Neck

When you are kissing your woman’s lips, you can mix things up by also kissing her neck. Many women love this.

And remember, you can also suck, lick, blow-on and gently bite your woman’s neck.

3. Tease Her

Teasing is an extremely powerful way to quickly get your woman turned on. Whilst you are kissing her, try pulling your mouth a few inches away from hers and make her ‘come to get you’.

She’ll love it.

4. Pay Her Breasts Some Attention

Here is how to touch your woman’s breasts in a way that will make her vagina wet and get her desperate to have sex with you…

Lick just above her nipple, then lick around her nipple, then gently lick her nipple. Next, pull away and blow your hot breath all over her wet nipple. Now suck her nipple, gently bite it and then repeat on the other side.

She’ll be wet and horny. Guaranteed.

5. Squeeze Her Ass

As things heat up and you are getting your woman turned on by kissing her lips, neck and breasts – SQUEEZE HER ASS. You don’t have to be overly gentle as you do this. Many women like their men to be firm with their bottom.

So have some fun and give it a squeeze (and a slap if you are feeling adventurous and really want to turn your woman on).

6. Kiss Your Way Down Her Body

Slowly work your way down your woman’s body, from her lips, over her chest and then kiss down her stomach…

The anticipation of where you are heading (towards her vagina) will really turn your woman on and get her more excited about you touching her where she is most sensitive.

7. Get Her Ready For Oral Sex Like THIS…

Don’t rush in and go for the clitoris because this will more than likely feel less than amazing for your woman.

Instead, do this…

Kiss her inner thighs, lick her inner thighs, kiss her patch and watch her get more and more turned on.

Then, spend a few minutes licking her Labia (lips of her vagina) and the opening to her vagina.

At this point she will be BEGGING to feel your tongue on her clitoris.


8. Give Her Oral SEX

Gently lick her clitoris. Try side to side and up and down motions and see which your woman likes best.

You can also try sucking her clitoris, which many women love (but very few men do).

Do not stop giving her oral sex until you have given her an orgasm.

9. Tease Her With Your Tool

Rub the head of your penis up and down the opening to your woman’s vagina. The anticipation of being penetrated will send your woman over the edge and she’ll beg you to make love to her.


10. Have Sex With Her Like She’s Your ‘Naughty Little Girl’

You’ve made her want sex with your expert techniques, so you had better go ahead and have sex with her!

Use different positions and DIRTY TALK to keep things interesting and exciting.