1000 Oz Silver Bars – Lowest Markup Over Spot Makes These Silver Bars A Great Investment

Today’s uncertain economic factors have leading investment advisors enthusiastically recommending the purchase of precious metals such as 1000 Oz silver bars. In a time when owning tangible assets is viewed as a necessary part of any investment strategy, wise investors are buying larger bars like the 1000 ounce silver bullion bar because they offer the lowest markup over the spot price of silver.

These 1000 Oz bars are poured from Troy silver with bars normally weighing from 950 ounces to 1075 ounces, or roughly 70 pounds. Each bar is individually weighed and stamped with the exact weight, the purity and the hallmark of the company that produces it.

There are several private companies that offer the 1000 oz silver bar for sale, guaranteeing their weight and purity and shipping them via insured carriers. These larger sized bars may be received and stored personally by the investor or shipped to a secure precious metals repository for safekeeping.

The most popular 1000 oz silver bar brand is produced by Johnson-Matthey, a leading silver refiner known world-wide. Each bar is individually weighed by Johnson-Matthey and is stamped with its hallmark, purity, and weight.

These large silver bullion bars are Comex deliverable and are poured as a bulk product when ordered for shipment.

Reasons for Buying:

The outlook for rising prices in the precious metals market continues to be good. Here are the six primary reasons top financial advisors are adding silver to their portfolios and suggesting you do the same.

• Precious metals are the preferred hedge against inflation and the declining values of other assets including the dollar.

• Purchasing one 1000 ounce silver bar is more cost-effective and easier to manage than purchasing 1000 1-ounce silver bars, for example.

• Precious metals such as silver are a tangible asset and form an excellent foundation to any portfolio.

• Investment experts recommend a portfolio contain a minimum of 10% to 20% precious metals.

• 1000 Oz silver bullion bars have the lowest markup and do not have any of the numismatic premiums that silver bullion coins are saddled with.

• Industrial demand for silver is increasing in areas such as water purification and superconductivity, spurring rising prices.


If you are looking for an outstanding way to store and grow wealth in a tangible asset, then you should know that 1000 Oz silver bars are the preferred choice of serious investors who recognize the investment opportunities that silver represents.

The outlook for making profits from owning silver continues to be excellent because demand is increasing and prices are continuing to rise. It’s no wonder that savvy investors are allocating significant percentages of their portfolios to precious metal assets like 1000 Oz silver bars.