12mm Laminate Flooring – Durability With a Hardwood Look

There are numerous pluses to laminate flooring, including being water resistant (a customer favorite). One of the offers you can get for durability and resistance to moisture is 12-millimeter laminate flooring. The general rule of thumb for flooring is the thicker the core, the more resistant the material seems to become. Flooring, especially laminate, should be at least 12mm thick and be impregnated with water repelling chemicals even at the joints. This would save the day in case of accidental spills in the kitchen or bathroom. Very often there is a correlation between the terms of the warranty and the quality of the product, so be sure to consider this when making your choice.

Besides, when walking on a laminate floor that’s 12mm thick, you won’t notice the difference in sound after first having walked on a 6mm floor, for instance. The trick is that the thicker the core, the more your floor will sound like genuine hardwood. While everyone loves hardwood flooring, it is simply too expensive for some people. The 12mm laminate floor looks like real hardwood color – and finish-wise which can trick anyone into thinking it’s genuine.

Most laminate flooring on the market is within the thickness range of 6mm to 8mm. The locking system of 12mm laminate is heavier and will ensure your floor will hold up. Additionally, the 12mm floor can be placed on any type of surface. On the contrary, using thin laminate hardwood flooring is more difficult and time consuming to lay than thicker laminate hardwood.

All in all, a 12 millimeter laminate floor presents advantages over thinner laminate in that it is more water and swelling resistant, it carries longer warranty, it fools not only the eye but also the ear in resemblance to hardwood, it has a more reliable locking system and can cover almost any kind of surface to meet your needs. Choose the 12mm laminate flooring as the experts suggest and you can get up to 25 years warranty for your new floor.