15 Signs That A Guy Likes You? Get Inside A Man’s Head With These Clear-Cut Signs Of Attraction!

Men aren’t as open with their feelings and emotions as women are; which is why they often confuse women when it comes to relationships or attraction. For instance, you may find yourself constantly asking questions like these around men: “Does he like me? Does he hate me? Why is he acting that way? Why can’t he just be open with me? How come he shows me interest one minute, but ignores me the next? Why won’t he just ask me out?” etc…

It goes on and on and on, and almost feels like some sort of sick game, as you try to figure out his true feelings and intentions toward you! But, everything is about to become extremely clear, because these 15 signs will show you whether or not the guy on your mind likes you:

15. He asks personal questions – He wants to get to know you, so he asks you about your life, and virtually anything that pertains to YOU on a personal basis.

14. He helps you when you need it – If he thinks you genuinely need help with something, he’ll help you: that’s because he cares.

13. You make him smile – If a guy feels good around you, he clearly likes you; or likes something about you.

12. He’ll flirt with you – Men don’t flirt for fun, they flirt because they are interested in you.

11. He tries to annoy you – If a guy likes a girl, he’ll think it’s cute when she’s irritated. So he annoys her for fun, just to see her reaction.

10. He’s hot and cold – That means he obviously likes you, BUT he has some reservations, which is where the cold part comes in.

9. He’ll talk about you to others – Good or bad, if a man is discussing you with other people, you’re obviously on his mind, and that is affecting him.

8. He tells you personal information about himself – A man who confides in you, trusts you, and clearly likes you.

7. He tries to improve you – You may get annoyed when he tells you what to do; or criticizes you; but all he is trying to do is help you be your best self…..an effort a man only makes if he wants to be with you.

6. He makes changes for you – He may not agree with you ever; but once in a while you’ll notice that you said something, and that something affected him. Suddenly he has changed his point of view or attitude on that subject. It means he regards you quite highly, and he cares about what you think.

5. He plays hard to get – He’s always a challenge, but yet he gives you enough to keep holding on. It’s a trick men use to make women more attracted to them.

4. He listens to you whine – You had a bad day, or you hate your friend at the moment etc….. he’ll listen to it, and he’ll hear you out.

3. He’ll give you what you want sometimes – Maybe it’s something you’ve been asking for, for a long time, and you had the impression that he was never going to give that thing to you…..and he suddenly does. He likes you.

2. He gives more than he asks – If he always gives you more than he asks from you, he likes you.

1. He’ll want details – It’s a common misconception that only women concentrate on the details; because when a man really likes a woman, he’ll want ALL the details.