2 Burner Camp Stoves For the Beginning Family Campers

Camping is a wonderful family activity. Neverheless, if you do not have any experience in camping this could be a difficult task to select a camping stove. Let us discuss some techniques that will help the beginning family find a camp stove to meet their needs to make last memories.

What kind of camping are you doing? More than likely the family camping will be at a campground. Make it as simple as possible when just starting out. Check out your state parks nearby. Now days' camping has become quite popular and reservations are a must to secure a spot.

Moreover, recommendation is to find a stove to meet the needs of your family and the kind of camping most likely you will engage in. There are lots of name brands out there for 2 burner camp stoves. Trying to make a selection might be difficult at best. Here are some things to think about when deciding on a stove:

1. Make sure it is sturdy construction with windscreens to save on fuel.

2. It will be easy to use with piezo ignition to eliminates matches.

3. Removable grate systems are easy for cleaning.

4. Both burners should be adjustable to simmer cooking food.

5. Folds down compact and has an integrated carrying handle.

6. Either uses a flexible hose attachment or a pressure regulator to a standard propane cylinder.

7. There are burner and grill combinations again a personal preference.

8. BTU's range from 8,000-25,000 with a boiling time from 3-5 minutes (Suggested 12,000 BTU's per burner).

9. The cost range is about $ 50- $ 100 dollars per stove.

10. Here are some name brands of 2 burner camp stoves: Primus, Brunton, and Stansport.

In short, these are just some features to look at when buying a 2 burner camp stove. After further review of the above-mentioned features you will have personal preferences with the kind of cooking done. To learn more check out Fun Camp Stoves.