2 Sex Mistakes Men Make All the Time (Are You Mr Speed Or One-Pump-Johnny?)

Every man wants to have the ability to bring their woman to intense, earth shattering, multiple orgasms. Keeping your woman satisfied sexually is perhaps one of the most essential ingredients to a long and happy relationship. A satisfied woman has no need to feel bored or feel as if her and her partner are growing apart.

A man should be worried if he can’t bring his woman to orgasm. It could be an early indicator that the relationship is doomed. Good mutually satisfying sex can be the glue that holds a relationship together.

There are some relatively common errors that guys make in the bedroom. Here are a few of those:

– One Pump Johnny: Sexual stamina is incredibly important as women can take up to 17 minutes to climax. Obviously, if the male can’t go 17 minutes, there will be a problem. And many men do finish up entirely too quickly leaving their women feeling sexually frustrated and ultimately uninterested in sex.

Guys can benefit from exercises designed to increase stamina. Kegel exercises are perhaps the most popular. There are sexual herbs that can help men improve stamina and overall performance – it’s a matter of pacing the act and being in control.

– Mr. Speed: Unless you are with an escort and being charged by the hour, there is absolutely no need to rush an intimate encounter. Too many men feel the need to jump right into having sex when foreplay is so important to satisfying a woman. A woman’s body needs to be aroused properly before any penetration and too many guys forget this.

Women love to be seduced. They love to be touched all over and teased. And, most importantly, women love to receive oral sex prior to any penetration. It’s even better when the male enjoys it, takes his time, and doesn’t act as if a lick here and a lick there is all it takes.