2008 Audi A4

Audi, a name that generates mixed emissions, due to alleged and unfounded acceleration issues from the early 1990's. They found their key to success in 1994 with the production of the first Audi A4. Starting with the first car to come off the assembly line, the A4 boasted crisp sharp handling, exceptional design and features, and intense overall performance. The 2008 Audi A4, the third generation A4 has only improved upon the original design, once again. Many Audi owners did not think it was possible until the 2008 was released. One of the most recognized names in car quality reviews, Edmunds.com has voted the A4 as a member of their top pick list, several years running.

The 2008 Audi A4 maintains the reputation for practicality and exceptional sports design. The superior handling is going to keep any driver interested from the moment they start the car. According to Edmunds, however, the A4 leaves some minor areas to be desired. The 2.0liter turbocharged engine does not have the horsepower of some of the competition. This issue is also found in the V6 – 255 horsepower engine, and it loses handling briefly when it lifts out of the line torque. The minor issues are significantly enhanced by the intensive feedback received from the A4, giving any driver the knowledge to respond to the road.

If you are looking for the finer things in life, this is a car for you. The 2008 A4 comes in 3 models, sedan, convertible and wagon. This makes the A4 a smooth design for the showy single to the active family of virtually any size. The feeling from the gages sooty colored light, and strong convenience layout and accessories is one that would cover anyone with the most impressive luxurious feel. While you are moving swiftly down the road, the all wheel drive system meets it closely, and holds on tight. Thanks to the flexible, playful demeanor, the range of body models, and fantastic pricing, this is the expression of a true luxury vehicle.

Options and Styles:

The flexibility in the 2008 Audi A4 will excite with a superfluity of body styles. The A4 comes in two choices for the engine, and a trim packages is paired with each. Found standard on both the Sedan and the Wagon 2.0T are 16 in alloy wheels, power driver seat adjustments, dual automatic climate control, power drive seats, a sunroof, and of course for the music cynosure a 10 speaker 6 CD / MP3 changer, with a Bose upgrade option.

If you are seeking a more luxurious design the 3.2 model has larger 17-inch alloy wheels, leather upholstery, heated front seats with a back seat optional upgrade, smooth wood finish, power driver and passenger seats. This provides the feel of a luxury vehicle with the handling of a sports car. If you are considering the convertible, or Cabriolet, it comes in the 3.2l size with a default soft top. On both packages, there is a Premium Upgrade, which would include the much larger 18-inch wheelbase, bi-xenon headlights and automatic light dimming mirrors. Also Standard on all models is a charcoal air filter to keep dust and pollen out, Driver Information Console (inside the already convenient instrument panel), front and rear floor mats, folding keys with remote locking built in.

Additional Options:

Rear Heated Seats

On Road Navigation System

Complete 10 Speaker Bose Sound System with Satellite Radio

Bluetooth compatible

iPod Interface

Titanium Style Package with metallic embellishments against the wood grain

Driver Seat Memory Settings

Rear Parking Assistance

Volterra Leather Upholstery

…. as well as many others …

Performance and Powertrain:

Of the 2 engines available on the Audi A4, the 2.0 liter is turbocharged and in line for producing more than 200 horsepower with 207 pounds per feet of torque. The second option is a 3.1 liter V6 engine that can generate up to 255 horsepower, with 243 pounds per feet of torque.

The sports model, the Avant, is produced with the Audi Quattro all wheel drive system standard. However, both the sedan and the convertible design have the choice between the Quattro and a front wheel drive. When shopping the A4 there is also the choice of manual and automatic transmission, and either diesel or gasoline engine. The 2.0T only has the option for a variable automatic transmission, however the fuel function choice is the same.

The fuel economy is incredible for this car class. Each A4 has an average city mpg of 21, and an estimated 29 mpg on the highway. Keeping this in mind, the Audi designers have regulated the maximum speed to 130 miles an hour.


MPG: 21-29

Max Speed: 130 mph

Engine Size: 2.0-liter / 200 hp / 207 lb per ft torque

3.1 liter / 255hp / 243 lb per ft torque

Transmission: 6 speed manual / automatic


The safety features are exceptional, and standard on all models. Some of the A4 safety features are anti-lock brakes, stability and traction control, air bags both in the front and on the side, rear mounted side airbags for sedan and wagon models. With these and other safety features in mind, the A4 has been given a number of the United States Highest awards for motor vehicle safety.

Safety Accolades:

National Hwy Transportation Safety Administration: 4-stars / front crash test

4-stars / -side impact test

Insurance Institute for Hwy Safety: Tests included Font Offset, Side Impact, and Head Restraint Effectiveness – received score of 'Good' (highest score available)

Interior Design and Special Features:

The jewel of the Audi A4, is now as it always has been, the cabin design and comfort. This superior design intensively out classes anyone on their level. The spacious feel, and impressive lighting details can do justice to any vehicle in the larger luxury category. The material quality, and build is unmatched which certainly highlights the attention to detail. Focusing on the seats may seem minor, but not in the A4, as the seats are designed to provide incredible support and comfort, with a navigation system that will make getting to your destination a smooth and enjoyable ride. All of the controls are attuned perfectly to the most comfortable sensitivity. The A4 Sedan model is able to hold up to 13 luggage cubes in the trunk, with the Avant coming in closely behind with 27 cubes. Even with the soft top convertible, the quick operation coupled with the ideal compact design, still leaves enough room to hold up to 10 cubic feet. This equation is exceptional for any convertible, particularly in this class.

Interior Highlights:

Variable Front Seats (height and distance)

Dual Seat Comfort Control / Rear seat control option

Leather Option

Exceptional Legroom – Rear and Front

Perfectly Positioned Adjustable Steering

Quiet Noise reduction cabin design

… and much, much more!

The Audi A4 is a remarkable car with exceptional design and a seductive lure to the road. This impressive and amazing vehicle is capable of providing unbelievable and satisfying driving experiences for years to come. The additional transaction provided by the Quattro All Wheel Drive is very useful with snow and colder climates. The car accelerates in a responsive and motivated manner, with an ambitious grip. It is one of the most exceptionally communicative responsive driving machines developed for the 2008 competitive model year and overall driving experience.