Month: March 2016

Dollhouse Wallpaper – How to Install It

When it is time to finish the walls, you can either paint them or cover them in dollhouse wallpaper. Wallpaper will give your house a finished look. This background will help your furnishings and accessories stand out. Select wallpaper or room colors that match the style of your house, as well as the furnishings you wish to use in that particular room. If you can’t find the perfect dollhouse... »

Vinyl Siding and Metal Siding Are Relatively Inexpensive, But Fiber Cement Siding is Vastly Superior

The construction days of yore saw structures composed of animal skins, stone, and thatch fade away to be replaced by newer construction technology such as mud and thatch brick.  Brick making was refined over the centuries to what we have today. Working with stone to form walls is probably the only ancient construction technique that has experienced very little change and still available today... »

Antique Mantel Clocks – An Interesting Hobby

Collecting antique mantle clocks is an interesting hobby to pursue. Most owners got their antique clocks as an heirloom piece. Although mantle clocks are considered a typical decor of American homes, more and more people are gaining interest in mixing such home furnishing in their modern home. An antique mantel clock can simply bring an elegance and charm to any room in your home. Mantel clocks ar... »

Epoxy Flooring: An Introduction

Epoxy flooring is a way of sealing and protecting concrete floors. An epoxy coating can prolong the life of your floor, and also achieve a great look. An epoxy floor is created when a protective resin is applied over the top of an existing concrete slab. This epoxy resin is clear, and will create a glossy but non-slip surface. These kinds of resins are often used over specialist flooring like terr... »

Using Rainwater Harvesting For Multi-Dwellings

Rainwater can be used indoors and outside if drinking quality mains water is not required. Almost a third of our daily water is literally flushed down the toilet so, by using rainwater for the washing machine and in the garden, (for irrigation, cleaning and water features etc) about half of the average mains water consumption can be saved. For the individual household, this concept is easy: collec... »

Kill Your Fears and Live an Exciting Life

Fear of failure fear, of success, fear of criticism, fear of change, fear of the unknown. There are hundreds of things you can be fearful about. Where do fears come from? There is only one certainty and that is we will all die one day! If you let fears take over your life you will never attempt anything, your life will become very narrow and restricted. Is that what you want for yourself or your c... »

Losing Your Virginity – A Girl’s Guide To The First Time

If you are reading this, and fit the situation, then the subject is already a consideration on your mind. You may have read something on the subject, spoken to a girlfriend who has passed through the experience recently, and heard about it in school. We hope to help you here, with a short guide. It is for you. First of all, you must feel it is the correct thing to do. You must NOT be pressured int... »

Sun Shades: Protection From All Kinds of Weather

Sun shades are not only meant to protect our homes from the sun, they also protect the exteriors from harsh rains and snow. It also serves as a decorative piece, giving your lawn a touch of class. Like awnings, it is installed along an overhanging roof, above the window, or the entire exterior. There are different kinds of sun shades. Flat Shade is a structure that is connected right at the wall, ... »

Copper Prices

Many do not realize it, but the price of copper explains a lot about the various forces of the economy. How, you may ask? Read on below to satisfy your basic curiosity. The power of copper Copper trades for about 12 cents per ounce. This may not seem like much compared to gold that trades today for about $467 per ounce, but copper is the world’s third most widely used metal. It is not an inv... »

How to Landscape a Large Yard

If you are scratching your head on how to landscape a large yard, this article will offer a step-by-step approach towards designing and building your dream yard regardless of its size. But take note that some tips here may not be applicable to you since the climate and soil conditions of your front and backyard may be different. 1. Start planning the project. As usual, you need to decide how many ... »