Month: September 2016

How to Build a Deck Step by Step

If you’re wanting a new deck and would like to do it yourself, then you need some good instruction on how to build a deck step by step. Building a simple deck is not that difficult and can be done by almost any novice woodworker. You just need a good plan and some detailed tutoring. This article will give you those step by step instructions. Before I begin to tell you how to build a deck ste... »

Draeger Gas Detector Tube Technical Information

There are certain rules and guidelines to be followed to ensure proper usage and correct results when using Draeger Gas Detector Tubes, including the tubes found in the Simultaneous Test Sets provided with the Draeger CDS Kit. Draeger Gas Detector Tube Storage To guarantee the accuracy of the tube indication throughout the shelf life, Draeger-Tubes should be stored in the original package at room ... »

Architecture and Global Warming

Global warming and energy consumption and are closely connected because most of the energy consumed is fossil fuel. Because of the way statistics are gathered, the end users are usually statistically broken down into four categories – industry, transportation, residential, and commercial – each using, in that order, roughly from a little over one third to a little under one-quarter of ... »

Scaffolding – A People-Oriented Project

Though the word scaffold represents a platform for executions, that is, a platform raised, on which somebody is executed by hanging or beheading as a form of punishment, but it is employed here in this article for its other meaning that reminds us of a framework to support workers. Originally, scaffold is a known word in building technology, which stands as a temporary framework of poles and plank... »

How To Ride A Horse – Horseback Riding Lessons For Beginners

There are some things that just come natural to some. Some people are almost born knowing how to stay on a skateboard. Me personally, I fall flat just about every time that the board moves. That's something that just was not born in there. One thing that was born into my system was how to ride a horse. It seemed I knew how to ride a horse from birth but did not start riding alone till I was th... »

How to Correctly Lay a Dining Table

As a member of private household staff, it’s important that you are seen as not only educated to a certain level but also knowledgeable of standards which should always be maintained. Although it may not seem particularly important, understanding how to correctly lay a table will certainly impress your employer and show them that you are intelligent in your role. Laying a table properly is a... »

Free Sheet Music – Earn Money Online by Composing Sheet Music Scores

Is there a way to earn money by composing music scores? Yes, you can set up your own website and offer your free sheet music to the world! Here you have some tips on how to start! How can I produce the sheet music? There are many ways to compose sheet music or convert already existing compositions by yourself or others into a digital format that is easily accessible online. If you are a composer o... »

Technical College – Gain Experience As You Learn

In today’s fast paced world traditional four-year colleges are facing a lot of scrutiny. Some question if they provide the same return on your investment as they once did. Trade schools are often discussed as a way to get a high-caliber education mixed with on-the-job training that prepares you for a high paying career. For some careers this makes sense, but for others a traditional college ... »

The Multi-Tool is a Very Nice Tool to Have

The Multi tool is a very nice tool to have. It fits in your pocket and can help with a lot of different things. From knives, to pliers, and even screw drivers. It is very handy to have around and there are many different makers of these multi-tools. Swiss army knives are considered multi tools, as well as the leatherman, and Gerber tools. The tools in these pocket knives can very from a nail file ... »

Concrete Cutting Safety

Nearly every construction project involves some form of cutting concrete or core boring. While cutting concrete may seem fairly simple and straightforward, in actual practice there are several considerations to keep in mind to have a safe and successful concrete cutting or boring project. Fist, you must know that concrete dust is potentially damaging to the lung sinuses and eyes. Concrete dust als... »