Month: January 2017

Shovels, Back-Hoes and EarthMovers – Which Are You Using in Your MLM?

There are three analogies I'd like to use in reference to how folks built, are building and will build their network marketing businesses. The shovel, the backhoe and the earthmover are what I will use as an example to illustrate my point. I first started in the industry with Amway, a company that goes way back to the 1960's. Tremendous company with great values ​​and I learned a whole lot... »

What is the Difference Between a Body Lift and Suspension Lift?

When you want to lift your four wheel drive up you have two options. The first option is the more common, and is known as a suspension lift. This involves replacing the springs and shock absorbers currently in your vehicle with larger springs and shock absorbers. Most people will get a heavier duty set as well, to cope with driving on uneven terrain for hours at a time. The only issue with this ty... »

Home Elevators – Saving Money and Effort

When one of the Architects at my firm suggests to a client that an elevator might be the answer to some of the issues in their new home design, the reaction is often predictable: “An elevator? That doesn’t make any sense, does it? Aren’t they really expensive? Who puts an elevator in their house anymore?” Residential elevators are found in more homes than you might think &#... »

Quinoa Recipes – Cooking Quinoa in a Crockpot

Quinoa is a versatile and delicious ingredient and, if you like to cook meals in a slow cooker, it might interest you to know that it can be cooked via this cooking method. Quinoa can be substituted for any grain in recipes although, technically, it is not a grain itself. It is the seed from a leafy plant. This ingredient is rich in iron, fiber, potassium, protein and other vitamins and minerals, ... »

Enclosure Plastic – Its Various Types and Applications

Plastic enclosures have different uses. It is a popular industrial product in the field of electronics. A lot of companies selling a piece categorize the product according to its uses. The most popular ones are connector shells and desktop enclosures. Variations of the enclosure plastic are aluminum enclosures. In order to understand the product very well, it pays to check on the different areas w... »

Does the Wood in My Roof Deck Need to Be Replaced?

When you are doing a roof tear off, it is important to determine if some (or all) of your roof deck needs to be replaced. Most residential roofs are made of wood roof decks. There are exceptions to these like metal “B” Deck or concrete, but these are very infrequent. This article will assume your roof to be made of wood decking. (The roof deck is what your waterproofing material attach... »

Health Insurance – Decoding the Different Plan Types

With such a variety of Texas health insurance available on the market, it’s important to learn the “code” and be informed about the difference between each type of plan. Rules and rates are constantly changing, and upcoming government legislation could change the game even further. For now however, there is a set terminology to describe very simple differences between plan types.... »

How to Make your Own PVC Railings

If you are bored with the painting efforts that your wooden railings take for looking good, and if it stops you from a fishing trip, or a golf trip with your friend on a Sunday morning, you should seriously think about fitting a new PVC railing system . Making a PVC railing system is a quick DIY work and your family members can be involved in making a PVC railing system. It can be a good Sunday wo... »

How to Care, Clean and Maintain Your Stainless Steel Balustrade

A balustrade can simply be defined as a decorative railing that is supported by individual baluster posts, evenly spaced and connected to each other. There are several materials that make balusters, ranging from wood, metal, glass, and stainless steel. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, many home owners and designers today prefer this to other materials. For one, this type of steel c... »

Different Varieties Of Iron Railings

Iron railing had been an all time favorite for the last many centuries and has never lost its popularity due to its long life. Here is some useful information about iron railings. Traditional but still Contemporary – Iron Railings Existence of Iron railings could be traced back at the time when industrial revolution was taking place at the end of the 16th century and beginning of 17th centur... »