21st Century Concept of Science

For so long science has been considered as a subject but in the 21st century science will be relative to individuals "mental illuminatory wave length". Science is more than a subject. It is knowledge made possible by a mind quality which researches, explores and unveils the nature, behavior and operational dynamics of matter.

Everything operates on a science. The science of matter is the hidden dimension of the nature of matter which defines its behavior and operational dynamics. "Deep calls for deep" is the scientific revelation of the 21st century.

The 'deep' of matter is the hidden dimension of the nature of matter which defines its behavior and operational dynamics. The 'deep' of man, is the hidden dimension of the human mind, which possesses illuminatory strength which can perceive and understand the hidden dimensions of matter without practical experiments or laboratory activities.

This implications, the scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century will be products of scientific minds which can ascend into knowledge without pre-experimental activities.

Thus, the laboratory of the 21st century science will not be buildings with instruments for experiments but human minds.

The human mind: This is the seat of true science. The human mind is the largest component of the human soul. Its abilities are beyond human physiological comprehension. In fact, it is the most unexploited realm of human existence.

The human mind possessabilities which when released in full efficiency, can affect the world positively in all areas. The human mind possesses illuminatory strength which can penetrate into the core of matter, bringing out the hidden dimensions of its operative dynamics.

The mind is the greatest research center with four powerful faculties. Creative, thinking, reasoning imaginative faculties. Each of these faculties possesses infinite and unlimited capabilities and can operate in relativity with others for maximum productivity.

When the human mind is developed through illumination and regeneration, the four faculties of the mind begin a journey of equal and relative operation for maximum exhibition of mental exactitude. At this level the hidden dimensions of matter can be assessed without any form of physical experimental activities. This is the breakthrough which awaits humanity in the 21st century.

With respect to this concept, the scientific focus of the 21st century will be based on mind illumination and regeneration through the impact of positive and quality knowledge. As human minds develop in their "illuminatory wave length", scientific evolutions and revolutions will be the natural outlet.

The limits of experimental science: This is the science which depends on experiments for its conclusive analysis. It has given birth to scientific breakthroughs which are characterized by constant errors and failures because most experimental analysis are not 100% accurate, but based on trial and error. Many people are dying from plane crash, medical side effects, etc. There are so many imbalances and errors with virtually every scientific breakthrough of the 20th century.

Humanity must leave the trial and error scientific tactics to science based on exactitude. This breakthrough will be relative to the degree of mental illumination and exactitude.

Scientific exactitude: This is a scientific dimension based on mental exactitude in scientific analysis. Exactitude is a level of accurate or exact analysis based on "hyper illumination". This degree of illumination is not possible without Divine knowledge. Divine knowledge is the infinite omniscient dimension of knowledge equal and relative to the infinite dimension of the mind. It contains the original principals which define all of life's operative dynamics.

When the human mind develops into higher mental altitudes based on illumination, its creativity and productivity becomes exact. This is the base of the 21st century scientific revolution.