23 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Husband or Wife May Be Cheating on You Right Now

“Is my partner cheating on me?”

If you are asking yourself this question, there may already be a problem.

The following is a quick guide to help you determine if your spouse or love interest is cheating on you. After reading this list you may find there is some area of concern. Do not confront the cheater, this will only cause them to clean up their act and make it more difficult for you to catch them in the act and you may not have enough proof to make your case. I would urge you to seek professional help.

Some interesting statistic about cheating husbands and wives:

o 22 percent of married men have strayed at least once during their married lives.

o 14 percent of married women have had affairs at least once during their married lives.

o Younger people are more likely candidates; in fact, younger women are as likely as younger men to be unfaithful.

o 70 percent of married women and 54 percent of married men did not know of their spouses’ extramarital activity.

o Cheating spouse statistics confirm that 50 and 70 percent of married men (between 38 and 53 million men) have cheated or will cheat on their wives. One study found that 2/3 of the wives (26 to 36 million women) whose husbands were cheating had no idea their husbands were having an affair – largely because they failed to recognize the telltale signs.

Most cheating wives and husbands fall into two categories. One involves an individual who is married and is seeing someone behind the spouse’s back. The second involves two married individuals who are having an affair with one another; both couple’s partners are usually unaware of this deception.

Cheaters generally rendezvous with their lover sometime during their work day. In most cases, the cheater and their paramour live or work in the same general area. This gives them time and opportunity to carry on their secretive behavior without threat of being discovered by their partner or coworkers. You will also find that they try and control all information that you get concerning their daily whereabouts. They will deny everything unless confronted with hard proof about their indiscretions.

Cheating basically involves many lies. Cheaters are always lying about where they are, what they do, and how they really feel. These lies are often mixed with some truth and are incorporated into every aspect of their life that they will share with you. Lies and deception can only go on for so long before noticeable clues start to poke holes in the façade that they have created.

Here are some tried and tested clues or “signs” that cheating men and women most often exhibit:

o Your partner has had a history or prior instance of infidelity. This falls under the “if it has happened before it is likely to happen again” rule. Those men and women who have cheated once will generally relapse.

o Your partner has been spending a lot of time lately working out or in the tanning salon cultivating their appearance.

o Your spouse seems to act more cold and or distant and inconsiderate of your feelings.

o You receive hang up calls at home in the middle of the night or at odd times of the day.

o You start receiving a lot of wrong number calls at home.

o Your partner is spending a lot of time on the phone away from you out of ear-shot.

o You walk into a room and your girlfriend or boyfriend suddenly hangs up the phone or acts odd. Your partner may also leave the house or room to talk on their cell phone.

o Your partner hides their cell phone bill from you or is very protective of the bill when it arrives in the mail.

o Your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend has secretly purchased a new cell phone.

o Your partner receives suspicious voicemail messages.

o You discover unfamiliar numbers stored or dialed on your partner’s cell phone.

o Your partner has recently started using phone cards.

o Your partner seems to never answer their cell or home phone in a timely manner when you try to reach them by phone during the day. If they do answer, they seem to be very evasive with you and not truthful about their current whereabouts. They may tell you that they have been having cell phone problems.

o You begin noticing your partner lying to you about insignificant things.

o Your partner has suddenly stopped complaining about things in their relationship with you that have bothered them in the past.

o You notice a new cologne/ perfume or sexy clothing in places like your partner’s vehicle.

o Your partner has a secret P. O. Box that they are hiding from you.

o You discover unfamiliar earrings or jewelry show up in your husband or wife’s vehicle or somewhere in your home.

o Your partner’s confidence level seems to have risen considerably for no apparent reason.

o Your partner has found reasons not to attend family or holiday gatherings.

o Your partner starts having their laundry handled independently.

o You notice new cologne or perfume scents on your partner’s clothing.

o Your partner seems to have started acting in a paranoid manner. This may include such behavior as your partner inquiring if you have been “snooping” on them.

Did you recognize some familiar behaviors or clues from the list? If your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you it is not your fault. Maybe it’s time you let a professional private investigator find out what is really going on with your spouse or partner. You deserve to know the truth!

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