24 X 36 Detached Garage Plans Provide Enough Room and More

If you have been thinking in terms of building a garage large enough for your three cars, it is best to go in for the 24 X 36 detached garages. With the help of plans prepared by experts, you can make this yourself, saving a substantial amount in the bargain.

Why this big?

You might be wondering why your detached garage has to be 24 X 36 feet in size. Why not a smaller one? The answer is not too difficult to find. If you have a Ford Explorer, it is 16 feet 1 inch plus in size. A Chrysler minivan is 15 feet 9 inches in size, and a Chevy Silverado standard cab, longbed pickup is 18 feet 8 inches plus in size. This makes it amply clear that your plans have to be suitable for these vehicles.

Moreover, you can also store your workbench and tools, have hobby space, have storage space for recreational equipment, lawn mower and gardening tools in your detached shelter. You do not have to find a separate space for them. For this you would have to select plans which provide you instructions including those on constructing this separate storage space.

Now let us look into the width of the building. It is on the larger side, too. Let us take the example of a Ford Explorer again. It is 6 feet 2 inches wide. Any expert would tell you that 30 inches is the minimum comfortable width between two cars, or between a car and the wall. This is so that you can open the doors in the garage. In a three car detached shelter, you would require a space of 30 inches between the wall and the outside cars, as well as 30 inches between each of the three cars. When you add the 6 feet 2 inches width of each of the cars, you require a minimum width of 30 feet and six inches. Add to this the extra storage space you require, and you would agree that 24 X 36 detached shelter plans are the best bet for you.

Increase in Property Value

Another important reason to go in for 24 X 36 detached garage plans is that by constructing this garage, the resale value of your property will go up. Let us see how this happens. If you were to put up your house for sale, what usually happens is that it is now in competition with every other house up for sale in a similar price range. So, if two houses are available at a similar price range, have similar floor plans and are located in the same desirable area, any outstanding feature which either of these houses has would help the buyer decide in its favor. This is where having a three car detached building built with the help of good plans would help turn the tide in your favor.

What if you do not want to sell your house?

Even if you do not intend to sell your house, building a 24 X 36 detached shelter with the help of plans is still the way to go. You would be able to comfortably park and take out your cars. You need not worry about door dings while opening the car door, or having to back out of the garage into the rain so as to let someone into the garage. You also do not have to spend on mini-storage costs for storing all your equipments and tools.

Your 24 X 36 detached garage built with the help of plans would truly be a prized possession. Now you can rest assured that your cars have a great shelter and that too, one which you built yourself.