$250,000 Per Year With Segway Games

Description: Have a venue that offers fun Segway games for parties and team building events

Start-Up Cost: $50k – $100k

Potential Income: $280k per year or more

Everyone has a curiosity about Segways… I mean really, a two-wheel human transporter that can take you almost anywhere with just a shift in direction. It sounds like something straight from a Science Fiction movie with hovering cars and food replicators from Star Trek. And that’s why a business utilizing Segways is such a lucrative idea – because your marketing presence buzzes with the intrigue of the mysterious human transporter. It’s this “super human” effect that will convince people that they absolutely need a Segway for their next party or event.

Here’s how it works:

Buy Some Segways

Segways usually cost about $5,000 but you might be able to find some used ones on eBay or Craigslist. You will need about ten human transporters so that you can organize two teams of five when you are hosting an event. If you want to buy new ones you will need to purchase from a dealer that sells Segways in your area.

What to offer

OK, as if the joy alone of riding a Segway isn’t good enough-make it even more enticing. Think about having a bachelor’s party that revolves around playing capture the flag with paintball guns mounted on the handle bar of your transporter. That would be soooooo cool! People would eat that up!

Or, how about Segway polo. You know, riding around on horses while holding a mallet and strategically trying to hit the ball on the ground to your teammate for a score in the opposing goal. Yeah, all of that excitement except you’re on a Segway instead of a horse. Just pure fun …and team building …and more fun!

Make some moola

All you really need is a small lot in an area with quite a bit of traffic to get your business up and going. Paintball venues charge about twenty bucks a head, so let’s think about how much money you could make from this idea at only $10 per person.

If you have ten Segways and you’re open ten hours a day, six days a week, charge ten dollars a head and have two games of capture the flag or polo in one hour – you can make up to $100 per hour or $24,000 in one month.

You would be rich just making half of that income per month…sounds pretty good to me!