3 Ab Exercises For Beginners

The following are three intestinal abdominal exercises for beginners:

Crunch – The crunch has gotten a bad name over the past few years. It's because most individuals do not perform it properly. The key to any abdominal exercise is to keep your head and shoulders off the ground. Let me explain:

1 – Lay down with your back on the ground. Bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands underneath your head. This is just for support. You are not using your hands for anything supporting your head.

2 – Lift your head off the floor so that your shoulders are rounded and off the ground. You should already feel your abs tense.

3 – From this position, simply squeeze your abs, so that your upper body moves slightly forward. Release and return to starting position.

4 – Remember that the return position is the position with your head and shoulders off the floor. It's very important to keep your head and shoulders off the floor during the entire set. This will keep the tension on your abdominals.

Plank – There are two variations of the plank. The first variation is with your forearms on the floor:

1 – Place your forearms on the floor with the rest of your body laying face down on the floor.

2 – Push up off the floor. Your body should be elevated only on your toes and forearms.

3 – Hold this position for a few seconds. Drop your knees to the ground to rest between each set.

The second variation of this involves performing the same exact movement with your hands fully extended, as if you were performing a push up. In fact, this version of the plank is the top position of a push up, and can be a great way to help you improve your push up numbers.

Bent Leg Knee Raise – This is a great move to target your lower abs. Just as any other abdominal exercise, it is crucial that you keep your head and shoulders off the ground through out the set.

1 – Lay down with your back on the ground. Place your hands underneath your lower back, with your head and shoulders off the ground. This will create tension in your abdominals.

2 – Bend your knees and raise them towards your chest. Now reverse the movement by moving your feet towards the ground, while keeping your knees bent.

3 – Stop the movement when your feet are just an inch off the ground. Repeat the movement.

It is not suggested that you use all three of these abdominal exercises in a single workout. Instead, you can use them at the end of an intense body weight circuit.