3 Amazing Positions For G-Spot Orgasms

Amazing positions for G-Spot orgasms has always been on the mind of everyone in a relationship or simply like to have sex. You can have many things that can help you in this if you have the right tools. A G-Spot orgasm is a lot better than a regular orgasm because of the sensitivity of the G-Spot. For those looking for a good time in bed, the 3 most amazing positions for G-Spot orgasms are:

1. Feet on Shoulders– In the missionary position get on your knees and place the woman’s feet on your shoulders. This will allow not only a wider opening, but also position you perfectly for deep penetration. This is how you will be able to get to her G-Spot and pleasure her greatly. This position is basic enough but she needs to be ready for that deep of penetration, otherwise it will be unpleasant.

2. Rear entry- Having the girl on her hands and knees will allow her vagina to be open for the deepest of penetrations. On your knees, you can position yourself to the area where you will be able to penetrate her G-Spot and allow her to play with her clitoris on top of it. This will, if performed correctly, will give her amazing orgasms over and over again. This is all based on how long you can last.

3. Woman on top- This is a traditional method but it works just as good as the more experienced of lovers. With the woman on top, you are penetrating deeply into the vagina and you will have no problem at all reaching the G-Spot. On top of it all, the girl has all the control on how fast or slow she wants to be penetrated. This turns women on and it will get them climaxing rather quickly.

Having sex can be a good thing or a bad thing. When you have the tools, you are able to have mind blowing orgasms with your partner and you will be able to give them back to her as well. The different positions for deep penetration are vital if you are going to have any success with it. There are many positions that you can do if you really looked into it. When you have the right penetration that pleases her, she will have orgasm after orgasm with you. This will leave her wanting more. That is the goal of every guy who is in a sexual relationship.