3 Best Spade Handle Drills

Helping craftsmen drill though the roughest, most extended applications, a spade handle drill is a vital component for most industrial workers. With better balance, comfort, and stability one of these drilling machines can be a real life-saver, especially for the most heavy-duty craftsmen. These more industrial folks, of course, require the most high-performance power tools, and these spade handle drill models from Makita and Milwaukee, with superior design and performance, leave absolutely nothing to be wanted. When searching for the highest-quality spade handle drills, look no further than these three power tools.

The Makita DS4000 (1/2″) spade handle drill is a hugely high-quality tool boasting one of the toughest motors in the industry. With 9 amps of power and 500 RPM the tool offers aggressive torque to match each task, and its durable all-metal housing is tough enough to withstand industrial wear and tear. While durable, the tool is still lightweight for easier portability and comfortable operation, and built with ultra tough, precision-ground metal gears designed to withstand the rigors of forward and reverse transitions (and also with an ball bearing construction), the tool is a strong, healthy, and smooth-operating asset. A heavy-duty industrial (1/2″) drill chuck grabs tightly to your drill bits and the tool’s well-formed D-handle rotates a complete 360° for optimized movement and operation. The drill’s comfortable 12″ pipe handle provides users with enhanced control over the tool and its motions, and with externally accessible brushes (a craftsmen favorite feature), operators have simpler access to the brushes for simpler replacements. Overall, the tool is sturdy, well-balanced, and provides all the power and support to better drill the roughest applications.

Also from Makita, the 6013BR (1/2″) spade handle drill is a remarkable little tool with surprisingly big power. With a 6.3 amp, 550 RPM motor the tool is a spade-handled powerhouse with with the authority to master all of your wood and steel drilling projects. The drill has a rocker type switch designed for easy one-handed forward or reverse operation, and with a D-handle the tool reigns in comfort with a complete 360 degrees of rotation; this movement provides multiple position options on the job. Additionally, the tool’s ball bearing construction enhances the overall lifespan and smooth performance of the drill, and with a heavy-duty industrial (1/2″) drill chuck that bites tightly to your bits, you can rely on the most accurate drilling achievable. Stable and capable, the drill is perfectly equip for the rowdiest of applications. Perhaps the most favorite feature of this tool is its chuck key. Too often craftsmen lose or misplace their chuck keys only to run into a boat-load of frustration when they need it. However, problem solved: the 6013BR’s handle has a cozy little space especially for your chuck key ensuring you always have it when you need it.

Additionally, Milwaukee is known for building some of the greatest corded drills in the industry, and as far as exceptional, superior quality is concerned, they have built a truly best in class power tool with their 1660-6. The 1660-6 (1/2″) compact spade handle drill is a seriously tough power tool built with Milwaukee’s standard durability and high-performance, and despite being a compact drill, the 1660-6 is chock full of power boasting a 7 amp (450 RPM, reversing) motor and the overall sturdiness to complete your toughest applications with striking ease. Additionally, this compact design and the tool’s extra long handles render the tool quite simple and comfortable to operate – even during the most rigorous applications the tool is stable and bears much of the working burden for you. Designed for heavy-duty, two-handed operation the drill is ideal for large hole drilling, material mixing, and other like applications. The tool touts heat treated helical gears for smooth, quiet performance and overall durability, and performs like a dream in high-torque situations consistently flaunting its big power and authoritative presence.

Ultimately, any of these models are certain to bring you remarkably good results, and with the high-performance and sound warranty of their manufacturers, these tools are top-tier, top-performing, industrially drilling, super-fine power tools.