3 Best Wooden Design Elements For Old Homes

Wooden design elements are at home in any type of house. However, older buildings make for some of the most fantastic places to include them. For many people, wooden designs, especially those that are elaborately and carefully crafted, represent all that is best about design from past generations. They are also far more at home in older buildings than bright chrome or other modern design materials.

Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplaces were a key feature of every home in the past. Today, many old buildings have kept their fireplaces in one form or another as a design choice and connection to the home's past. In some homes, the original fireplace is still intact. In others it has been replaced with an electric fire to combine modern heating with classic design. Others still have blocked up the fireplace, but opted to keep a fire surround rather than obliterate it entirely.

A new, wooden fireplace surround is a great way to enhance the décor of an old house while maintaining its connection to the past. The classic look of elaborate crafted wooden design is a perfect complement to the old-fashioned charm of the fireplace itself. On top of that, when a fireplace has become largely a design choice, it often becomes something of a centrepiece to the room. A beautiful fireplace surround will help it fill that central role more effectively.

Balusters and Rails

Stairs are often an underrated part of a home when it comes to décor. They take up a large portion of a room or hallway, and should not be neglected from a design point of view. The fact that they lead up to new and unseen portions of the house also makes them in many ways poetic and romantic.

Beautifully carved wooden balusters and rails are some of the best wooden design elements for solving this problem. They make stairs look far more interesting and beautiful. They also complement the age of an old house by calling to mind some of the most impressive and luxurious historical buildings from the past. On top of that, beautifully carved balusters and rails can sometimes give stairs an almost magical look, making them seem as if they will lead off to a wonderous and unknown chamber.


Corbels are supports that project out from walls. They can be very elaborate, and give a small but very elegant touch to a home.

Corbels are ideal for balancing beauty with practicality. They are perfect for putting up shelves in old houses. Shelves are often useful or even necessary for storage and for displaying ornaments. But people often do not stop to consider how out of place modern shelf brackets can look in an old building that has maintained a classic décor style. Corbels allow a beautiful wooden design element, that fits in perfectly with a classic look, to replace plainer types of brackets.