3 Better Uses for Your Silicon Cup Cake Pan

Make individual servings

  • Fill up your silicon cup cake pan with melted chocolate, some nuts and raisins. Leave to set in the freezer on a plate. Store in the fridge in a Ziploc bag for easy access for the kids or to use in fondue.
  • Make different kinds of jelly and pop them out for a neat serving. Serve with custard and fruit. If you make your own ice cream, you could freeze some in these cups and unmould to serve. Mini muffin cups are great for one-bite trees-they hold just a little more than a tablespoon.
  • Beside desserts you can make large ice cubes which are ideal for large events. You can use this in punch bowls and big beverage dispensers. You can add a mint leave or lemon slice in each cupcake pod to make them look pretty.
  • Freeze up a fruity yoghurt with your choice of fruits and berries. Pop them out every morning for a quick and easy breakfast on a hot summer morning.

Serving dish for parties

  • Having a party? Ever thought about having a cupcake station at your party? Your silicon cupcake pans will make colorful holders to keep the cupcake toppings in. You can fill the pods with different goodies like crumbled Oreos, 100s and 1000s, Smarties, butter icing, melted chocolate, caramel and chocolate chips. Do the same with cake pops.
  • For a cocktail party, use them to serve up different types of chips and dips and veggie sticks or even fruit sticks and yoghurt for a brunch party. It will be one plate that's spacious enough to hold a little of each food item at your party. Place a few of them at different places around your party venue. It saves space and washing up time!
  • If you are the type of person who likes informal sit-down parties at your house, place a silicon cupcake pan at each place setting with your guests trips of choice. Theses trees are anything from warm and freshly baked quiches and pies or patés and cheese and crakers or chilled jelly and custard and fruit and yoghurt that was pre-chilled in the freezer overnight


  • Sort your kids' old crayons by shade or you can mix them up for a wacky effect. Separate them into the different cupcake molds, place them in the oven for a few minutes and once melted leave to cool and harden. The kids will have fun drawing with their "new" colorful crayons.
  • Melt old candles into runny candle wax in a silicon cupcake pan. Once melted add a new wick and leave to cool and set. Voila! A new and improved floating candle. Mix up different color candles for different effects.
  • Use your silicon cupcake pans as a palette for your kids to make "fake" paint in. Shaving cream mixed with some food coloring, with of course a different color in each cupcake pod. Or if you have little ones (who want to eat everything) use plain yoghurt with food coloring. Your artists can paint with these in the bath or outside in a blow-up pool. Easy to play with and easy to clean.

What else do you use your silicon cupcake pans for?