3 Common Types of Sunburst Wall Decor and Its Variations

Since various sunburst wall decors proliferate in the market, you need to learn more about them including its uses, types and forms. The following are the usual types available namely: Tobacco finish, Cherry sunburst, Three-color sunburst, and its variations.

Sunburst wall decors are found in excess in various decor shops. However, not all have a clear picture of what sunburst is all about. Below is a quick overview about this unique wall decor including its variety.


Sunburst is a design patterned from the sun along with its radiating sunrays. It is a sun representation whose rays extend to the periphery that is put into life through decorative pieces. It is popularly used in designing for decorations and even building structures. Some are carved directly on the woods, cements, or steel while, others are attached into it.


Sunburst designs are not limited to wall decors only since you can find lots of them on the building, door, and stairs as well. Some practical usage of sunburst designs are stained glass, interior of a dome, top carvings, facade, porthole, insignia, and church pillars.

Forms of sunburst design

The usual forms of this type of decor are semi-circular and semi-elliptical. A semi-circular design assumes the shape of a circle that is divided into two equal halves. A semi-ellipse on the other hand closely resembles an oval shape that has been split into two. These two are the common shapes of sunburst ornament available in the market. However, more and more ingenious configuration appeared as a product of imagination.

Tobacco finish

The best way to describe a tobacco finish is a golden yellow at the focal point while, extending outwards as black edges. It’s like starting from a subtle color and gradually changes into a more intense tint.

Cherry sunburst

In contrast to tobacco finish, cherry sunburst has a golden yellow polish at the midpoint that slowly progresses to a cherry red hue as it spreads outwards.

Three-color sunburst

This is a combination of tobacco and cherry red gilt where golden yellow shade is at the center that slowly becomes paler until it turns into red and then to black towards the border. This kind of blending results to a more vibrant color because each stands out despite its fusion.

However, with the emergence of technology and the influence of creativity, several types of sunburst came into the scene. These are a mixture of more bold and playful shades, which are as follows:

* Sienna sunburst * Blue burst * Aged cherry burst * Fireburst * Lightburst * Antique tobacco sunburst

Regardless of the type of sunburst decor you prefer, the most important thing to consider is its symbolism, which means brightness, energetic, and most of all happiness.