3 Easy Things You Can Do To Get Bigger, Thicker, Stronger, More Powerful Erections On Demand!

There is nothing worse during sex than trying to please a woman with an erection that is not fully hard, puny, and unimpressive looking. One of the marks of an “alpha male” during sex is a big, thick, rock hard, veiny, powerful erection. If you’re not able to get these on demand, there could be numerous reasons. Maybe you’re of advanced age. Maybe you have blood flow issues due to a variety of causes. Maybe it’s psychological and you have performance anxiety.

Whatever the reason, you probably know as well as I do that it would be ideal for you to figure out how to make your erections stronger and more powerful.

Here are 3 easy things you can do to get bigger, thicker, stronger, more powerful erections on demand.

1. Up your cardio, or even better, do interval training. This type of training will give an immediate boost in blood flow all over your body, including your nether regions. Over time, doing cardio or interval training will lower your resting heart rate, make your heart stronger (which is vital since your heart is the muscle that pumps blood into your penis during erection) and open up your blood vessels. An added benefit of cardio training is that your overall endurance and stamina will increase. If you are into intense, acrobatic sex like I am, this is a huge plus. You don’t want to have to call it quits early because you are out of breath from being out of shape! Remember, you want her to be the one to have to catch her breath when it is all said and done, not you!

2. Eat more lean meat and less refined sugars. Lean meat is great because it provides just enough cholesterol to help ensure that your testosterone is being produced in ideal amounts (vital for having a strong sex drive and good erections) but not so much that it will clog your arteries and impede blood flow. Refined sugars are just terrible. Terrible for your heart, terrible for your blood flow, and terrible for your stamina. I try to keep all my carbohydrates from complex sources such as whole grains and whole wheats. I also try to eat about one gram of protein per pound of body weight (for me, that means about 200 grams per day). This not only is good for testosterone production and blood flow, but is good for supporting strong muscle mass as well which is always a plus where the ladies are concerned.

3. Try natural penis enlargement exercises. Even if you are happy with your size, doing penis enlargement exercises like I did to go from a puny size of only 5.5 inches long and just under 5 inches around to very well hung (well above average for a grown man) does more for your penis health than just making you larger. In fact, even before I started seeing discernible size gains that I could measure with a ruler, I started noticing an improvement in erection quality. This actually happened after only two or three workouts using natural enlargement exercises, whereas my first size gains took about two weeks for me to see. Also, unless you’re already over about 8 inches long and 6 inches around, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little size to your member as well! Women’s bodies are very pliable — I doubt you’re going to get so big you’ll hurt her! I know now that I am hung and have out-of-this-world erection quality, my sex life has reached heights I never would have dreamed of before!