3 Guaranteed Proven Treatments For Treating Sinus Infections

Their are many ways to treat a sinus infection that you can do all on your own. Sure their is nothing wrong with going to the doctor, but I have discovered 3 effective treatments for treating sinus infection that works very well.

The treatments that I am about to share with you, will clear up the worst of you sinus infection symptoms such as:

– headaches

– fever

– nasal discharges(that think greenish yellowish stuff)

– pain and pressure around your eyes and nose

If you have been to the doctor and are still suffering with these symptoms, I have the solutions for you. I too used to suffer with them constantly for what seemed like forever.

Today I happy to share with you some of the most effective treatments that I used for help with treating sinus infection.

1. Stay away from foods that when eaten stimulate the production of mucus. To cure your sinus infection you have to get rid of that mucus. Their for you should follow a proper diet and avoid foods such as:

– milk, ice cream, alcohol, and foods that are high in sugar

2. Take a hot shower everyday. If you inhale the steam it should relieve your congestion and reduce the swelling of your sinuses. The steam will also thin mucus.. Also you can apply a war hot compress on the site of the infection to help drain mucus.

3. Avoid sodas and iced drinks. Diet sodas are okay because they have less sugar. Instead grab yourself a bottle of water, Gatorade, or Powerade. These will thin mucus and keep you and your sinuses hydrated and moist at the same time.

– your sinuses will be much less aggravated drinking these types of liquids

If you have been to the doctor, taken antibiotics, and just about tried everything these are great alternatives for treating sinus infection.

Have you been suffering forever ever with the same symptoms? The treatments here really work.

They worked for me and a few other people that I know, their is no reason that it should not work for you.