3 Major Issues to Select the Best Wall Mounted Wine Racks

"You Got the Right One, Baby." Musician Ray Charles made the song famous in Diet Pepsi's TV ads during the early 1990s. When buying a wine rack, how do you know if you have the "right one?" It is important to search for a wine rack that will best meet your particular needs. While certain racks may work well for your friends and relatives, they may not be ideal for you. Here are some tips to consider, when searching for the perfect rack (for you):

1. Consider the purpose of your wine rack
You can place it in various rooms of your home, including:

o dining room
o entertainment room
o family room
o kitchen
o living room

Determine if you mainly need a rack to store bottles, or to function also as decor for the room. For instance, you can use wall racks to add some pizzazz to virtually any wall of your home.

2. Consider various tracks of the wall racks:
here are some tracks to consider when examining wine racks:

Capacity: Make sure that the capacity meets your needs. For instance, wall mounted wine racks tend to have a capacity of one, two, or three bottles. If you select a standard-sized rack, ensure that it is large enough for the typical number of bottles you need.

For full-size racks, consider if the wine rack can store glasses and other accessories.

Verify that you have enough space to store and use the wine rack. In particular, there should be enough space to add and remove bottles. Consider a space-saving wall rack to hold your top 1-2 types of wines.

This is certainly the most important issue when selecting a wine rack. Make sure that it remains stable when adding and removing bottles. Also, it should be stable wherever you have one or several of them in it.

Ensure that both the material and the design of the rack complement the decor of the room in which it is. For instance, if you use a wall wine rack, it should match up with the other wall decor.

Ensure that the manufacturer used quality materials to construct the rack. Also, verify that it used outstanding craftsmanship. Make these checks whether you examine full-size racks or wall mounted ones.

3. Consider the location of the wine rack
Location is an important consideration when you select a wine rack. Consider whether you have enough room for it, including a wrought iron one. Decide if you need a stationary or mobile rack. Contemplate whether you need it for storage or display. If it is for the latter function, then consider a wall wine rack. Finally, consider whether your bottle collection will grow.

When selecting a wine rack, you have several issues to consider. Considering the aforementioned issues will help you to narrow down your choices. Then you can select the "right one"!