3 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

You can not a kitchen and enjoy preparing food without kitchen appliances. Other than the stove, the refrigerator there are a few essential products that can be extremely helpful. You might think that I would mention the microwave as one of the essentials in the kitchen but I do not believe so. I wish that I can own one but I always hesitate once I think about some of the risks that come with using a microwave. I just can not allow my family to be heating their food in something that is known to be harmful.

Sure it can be extremely handy but I would not want to get used to using it, besides it is completely normal for me to heat up food on the stove top. You might also think that the dishwasher is another essential but I also do not believe so. It might be a little more convenient than hand washing dishes but is not a must have.

Some of the must have appliances in the kitchen include a blender, a juicer, a toaster and a bread maker.

Having a blender can help you with many recipes. It is the best way to puree liquid-like vegetables like tomatoes. It would be very difficult to make the perfect spaghetti sauce without a blender. Most blender come with bean grinders that are great to turn seeds or course spices into a powder form. I have been able to blend granulated sugar into powdered sugar in minutes. This is the number one kitchen appliance to have after the essentials.

Every kitchen should have a juicer. How else can you make fresh healthy juices without one. If there was a way to make something like carrot juice without a juicer than it would not be on the list. Many people who decide to get healthy almost always head out for a juicer. You can get a glass full of vitamins and minerals in just a few seconds. The great thing about a juice maker is that it removes and separates the skin and pulp from the liquid so you do not have to use a strainer.