3 Of the Most Famous Sights in Rome

There are few places in the world quite as packed with ancient and historical sights as this one, and if you’re staying in a design hotel in Rome you must make the time to see them. There are plenty to choose from, which can make a short stop in the city a challenge. After all, which ones do you make the time to see?

We will all have favourites of course, but here are just three. Will you agree with them?

The Pantheon

Famous for the eight identical columns that tower in front of you as you stand before it, this building is a true marvel. It’s easy to see a picture of the front of the Pantheon and assume the building is square or rectangular, but in fact only the front is rectangular in shape.

Behind this welcoming   frontage  is a rotunda, covered by a huge dome that can be seen for miles around. Indeed, if you are fortunate, you may spot the dome blending into the skyline from your design hotel in Rome. The exterior is a marvel, but be sure to head inside and see what it has to offer. Remember to look beneath your feet, where the original Roman marble floor can still be seen.

The Colosseum

Just as it is easy to assume the Pantheon is a different shape to how it actually is, so it is easy to assume the famous Colosseum is round. In fact it is elliptical, taking on an oval shape as it stands against the skyline.

This was where gladiators fought against one another and theatrical presentations were put on to entertain the thousands of Romans in the crowds. Nowadays, what stands is partially a ruin, although one can still get a good idea of what it would have looked like back then.

The Roman Forum

If the previous two attractions are singular in their appearance, the Roman Forum is almost a small city on its own. Indeed it used to be a city – the centre of attention for ancient Romans. If your design hotel in Rome is near the Forum Magnum, as it was called, make sure you pay it a visit.

Among the sights you can see here are the Temple of Saturn, the Arch of Septimius Severus and the Forum Main Square. Indeed the arch has survived to a remarkable extent and is quite something to see in today’s modern city.

Wherever your design hotel in Rome might be, it will seem worlds away from these ancient structures that still stand, hundreds of years after they were first built. Life was very different back then, but it is heartening to know we can still see these structures today. They shed light on how life was lived all those years ago.