3 Reasons Hardie Plank Siding is a Smarter Choice Than Wood Or Vinyl

When it comes to making smart choices for the construction of your home, Hardie plank siding is a far better choice than any wood or vinyl siding options. While it still retains the look and feel of real wood, it is highly durable, weather resistant and is not subject to many of the traditional problems you encounter with old fashioned wood or vinyl products. As a result, the use of this siding increases the value of your home and creates a better return on your overall investment.

Here are the three biggest reasons why Hardie plank is a better choice when selecting siding for your residence.

Reason #1: Hardie plank siding won’t rot, warp or crack

Homes built in geographic locations which are subjected to high levels of humidity, inclement weather and temperature fluctuations are subject to extremely rapid rates of wear and tear. Wood rots and warps; vinyl cracks and thins over the course of time. Both trap moisture, which leads to decay, and the subsequent compromise of the structural integrity of your home.

Unlike wood and vinyl, Hardie plank siding is an impact resistant material which won’t rot, warp or crack in the face of these types of environmental conditions. As a result, it has greater longevity than its counterparts have and does not require the costly upkeep and repairs which other types of siding demand.

As well as being highly durable, Hardie also holds paint longer and can be easily cleaned, which further reduces the cost of maintenance over the life of the product.

Reason #2: Hardie plank is fire-resistant

When exposed to flame, vinyl siding rapidly melts creating a condition which is both toxic and hazardous to the inhabitants, and of course, we all know how quickly a wood home goes up in smoke when there is a house fire.

Hardie plank siding is extremely fire-resistant. Adding it to your home not only increases your family’s overall safety in the event of a fire; but, depending on your insurance policy, may lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance as well.

Reason #3: Hardie plank siding is not affected by termites

Termite damage is one of the leading causes behind the degradation of homes. Eliminating a termite infestation is an extremely difficult process and fixing termite damage is extremely costly, if not impossible. Because the siding is made from fiber cement, it is not subject to natural hazards such as termite infestations, adding yet another layer of protection to the durability of your home.

As a homeowner, your number one priority is the protection of your investment. When it comes to value, safety and longevity, Hardie plank siding far outranks wood and vinyl siding options. When you consider the benefits that it provides when compared with other types of residential siding, such as decreased maintenance and increased safety and value, it really is the smartest choice a homeowner can make.