3 Reasons Your Office Needs Blinds

A fully pleated, heavy fabric curtain would look thoroughly out of place in an office block. Why is this? The answer is surprisingly simple. Not all window dressings were create equal, and office blinds are by far a more suitable solution for a place of business. While curtains might be used somewhere particularly trendy, or in somewhere which favours design, more often the simple shade is the best solution.

But why do you need any office blinds at all?

1) Keeping employee health as a first priority

Health and risk assessments are wildly important for each and every business to adhere to. While a complaint might not be made, if an employee injures themselves (either permanently or temporarily) whilst at work, you could be liable for a malpractice lawsuit. This isn’t something most businesses can afford to deal with, but even if you could, they’re definitely better avoided wherever possible.

“But how does this relate to office blinds?!” we hear you cry. Quite simply, if you don’t have blinds there is likely to be glare coming into the office through your windows. This will hit the monitors of some of your workforce which means they won’t be able to see the screens properly. This can lead to eye strain, headaches, and even the need to wear glasses. This will be an expense you will have to deal with, probably for more than one employee, and which would have been entirely avoidable with a few simple window dressings.

2) Lowering heating costs

Office blinds are a very simple way of improving climate control. In the summer they can be used to stop the sunlight glaring down on your staff and turning each and every window into mini greenhouse, while in the winter they can stop heat from escaping, which will mean you’ll have to use those radiators less than you might have without them. This can lower your costs, but also increase the comfort levels of your staff, which will help them to work better on a day to day basis. The more comfortable your staff are, the more productive they will be as well.

3) IT Issues

We’ve mentioned glare already but the other issue it can cause if you don’t have office blinds is that your employees will not be able to see their work, which means less work will get done. Proofreading is substantially trickier when you can’t see the screen, and so mistakes could easily crop up.