3 Safety Tips For Using Gas Kitchen Stoves

Your kitchen stove is among the most useful appliances in your home. However, it is also the most dangerous, and can cause very serious accidents if not treated properly. Follow these tips to ensure your gas stove is kept safe, and used in a way that will not cause accidents.

1. Make Sure It’s Lit

Most gas stoves have a pilot light that automatically lights the gas when you turn it on. However, these sometimes fail and, if this is not noticed, you can be left with gas pouring out into your kitchen. When using your stove, be sure to check that it has lit properly. If it hasn’t, use a hand-held lighter or a match to ignite the gas. This will prevent gas build up, and possible explosions.

2. Check It For Gas Leaks

It is important to check your stove regularly for leaks, as you do not want even a small amount of gas leaking into your kitchen. You can either do this yourself or, better still, get a professional to do it. If you noticed any damaged or rusting parts, be sure to stop using it until it is repaired by an expert. You should check your stove once every few months, and preferably get a trained engineer to inspect it once a year.

3. Keep An Eye On Your Pans

Gas stoves heat up very quickly, which can catch people off guard, particularly if they are used to electric stoves, which heat much slower. When cooking, watch your pans to make sure they aren’t spilling over or boiling dry – both can cause fires in the kitchen, which will rapidly spread to other parts of the house.

A gas stove is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, but it is not without its dangers. However, by following these simple steps, and by keeping your wits about you, you will be able to enjoy many years of safe use from your stove.