3 Signs That a Girl Likes You – Undisputed Effective Ways to Know Whether She Likes You Or Not

I once heard a man say, “Men are easy. All a woman has to do to make us interested is show up.” Well gentlemen, let me tell you it is not that easy with women. If you want a woman to show interest, you have to work at it.

So, how do you tell if she is interested? It is really quite easy to tell. Women have this look about them when they are interested in you. It usually is a romantic sexy and I want you look. However, if the look is not as obvious, check out the body language. We generally say much more with our body than we ever can with words.

There are three unequivocal, undeniable; emphatic ways a guy can tell the woman of his dreams is interested

First – She looks at you with interest and then smiles. Women have this intense desire to actually see what a man has to offer. We do not just view the body as an object.

When we are interested in a man, then and only then do we take in the entire package. We want to see the whole deal from head to toe. Therefore, if you see a woman take in the entire view, she likes what she see and wants to know more about the object of her eye.

Second – Her walk changes. When we see a man we want to spend some time with, we begin to walk a little differently. Our body movements are more pronounced.

You will actually see some twisting going on. Watch women as they look at men. If there is no interest, there will be no eye contact. However, if there is interest, the body movement becomes more flirtatious and eye contact is made.

Third – The head tilts and a smile is revealed. A woman will make this final and most important move when she is interested. It is a combination move. When she is interested and wanting to get to know you better, the head will tilt and you will see a smile. Either the smile will be very sexy with desire shown or it will be very slight as if she is inviting you.