3 Things That I Really Like About Bamboo Wood Flooring

Flooring, whether laminate or engineered, is a very popular way to improve your home or office. It’s no wonder since it’s expense can be minimal and it’s attractiveness maximal. One choice in flooring is using bamboo. Here are three reasons why I like bamboo so much.

I really like bamboo flooring because it is an eco-friendly product

Although hard wood is technically a renewable resource oaks, walnuts, cherry, etc. take many, many years to mature before they can be harvested and used not to mention the complete change in the landscape when they are taken. Bamboo on the other hand grows as much as 12 inches a day. Add to the fact that it can be harvested without killing the plant makes it a wise choice for the eco conscious consumer.

I really like bamboo flooring because of its unique beauty

Bamboo wood flooring has a unique beauty all to its own. Each plant has rings and knuckles and the grain can be shown horizontally or vertically. Add to its unique light color and you have the ingredients of a work of art.

I really like bamboo flooring for its pricing

When compared to its hardwood counterparts bamboo wood flooring is very competitive. Just like hardwood you can find veneer finish to full bamboo planks. Prices do vary but you can usually come out cheaper than a similar grade of hardwood.

If you are looking for that special something to liven up your space you really should consider installing bamboo flooring. With its looks and pricing it’s hard to beat. Plus, there’s no thought about clearing a forest since no trees were harvested therefore making it a home run for flooring choices.