3 Things to Look For in a Jogging Stroller

People who jog love to be one with nature. Those that are around trees and woods that is. People in the city may love to be one with the buildings. That and you see some interesting stuff going on in the city while pushing your jogging stroller.

There are 3 things to look for when you going to buy a jogging stroller.


Here we are talking about the childs safety. When you put your kid in the jogging stroller, you want them to stay put. The stroller should have a harness apparatus that children can not get undone. You do not want to be pushing your jogging stroller along and have your child take a tumble out of it. This can result in minor scrapes and bruises and possibly worse.

You also want to make sure that it has a sun shade. I’m sure your spouse will be very upset if you bring back little Timmy with a sunburn on his face. There should also be something that encloses the part that your child is riding in. Rain and dirt blowing in the childs face is no fun. You will be dealing with a crying child. This making your jog not so fun.


Lets be honest here. If the jogger stroller is pain in the you know what to use, you are not going to use it. You will lose out on all those precious hours that could have been spent with your kid. Get a baby jogger stroller that folds up fairly easy. Some have one hand folding. You want to be able to store this joggers stroller in the closet or up against the wall in your garage. It will also make it easier to transport in your car to.

You might want to look for a jogging stroller that has quick release wheels. Being able to take the wheels off will allow you to store and transport the baby stroller jogger a lot easier.


Lets be honest here again. If you are not comfortable pushing this baby jogger stroller, it is not going to leave the closet or garage. If you child is not comfortable sitting and riding in the jogger stroller, your not going to take him or her with you.

For your comfort, look for a jogging stroller that has an adjustable handle. You will be able to position the handle where it feels good to you. the handle or handles should also have some kind of padding. This will help with hand fatigue.

The seat for your child should be padded. If the kid is uncomfortable, your jog will not be an enjoyable one with a screaming kid. Also the seat should be able to recline. If the kid wants to take a little siesta while you jog, its head should be reclined. This will keep it from flopping back and forth. You do not want a chlid with a sore neck now do you.

There you have the 3 things to look for in a jogging stroller. There are other things to look for to, but that is for another article.