3 Tips for Renovating Restaurants on a Budget

Renovating a business space where people converge such as a restaurant can be such a big undertaking. For one, there is almost very minimal time with which the restaurant can be closed to do the renovation. As a business entity, it has to stay open to make money. Second, restaurants deal with food and there is nothing that does not mix more than a full-blown construction and food preparation. Combined, it’s the best way to get a headache just from a logistical stand point.

But renovating a restaurant is as important as changing its menu. Patrons don’t just eat with their mouths, but also with their eyes and with what they feel, and giving the restaurant a new look and feel answers that need to feel like they are dining somewhere new. So without further ado, here are some ways to take on this major project, without breaking the bank:

1. Board up like a pro

To prevent a logistical nightmare, take the time to board up the restaurant strategically. Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to close the restaurant altogether for as long as you plan ahead. You can renovate the restaurant in parts and to do this, your contractor should be able to achieve this properly. The board up should be up to the ceiling and should have its own entrance. It’s basically like building an impenetrable fortress inside the restaurant. Nothing should be able to come out or come in the board up. You can decorate the board up façade so it meshes in the interiors of the restaurant as well.

Speaking of contractors, make sure to hire a team with a project manager. Remember, time is of the essence and having a professional work for you solves half of the problem.

2. Look at other restaurants

Instead of shopping for new equipment, look at existing or closed restaurants. These places are surely looking to liquidate their wares including plates, forks, bowls, and other cooking items aside from the stainless steel equipment. The best part is that they will sell this to you in bulk and in a complete set, thus giving you the chance to get an ample discount on what is usually a very expensive shopping expedition if it’s all brand new.

3. Be smart with the fit outs

Although you can go a bit more creative on the furnishings, the best way to save on renovations is by adhering to standard sizes. This helps you plan out the space smarter and you can be sure the equipment will fit, with no need for costly customization. Apply this on the whole restaurant with the help of 3D rendering to make the sizing precise and accurate, including lighting fixtures, restrooms, kitchen, and point of sale areas and you will really see a considerable drop in your budget needs.

Doing so is also very sustainable as it makes the maintenance of the place a complete breeze as you do not need to search far and wide for items to fix your restaurant with.