3 Types of Portable Solar-Powered Camping Stoves and Its Advantages

The presence of portable solar-powered camping stoves during outdoor activities has proven to be beneficial due to the following reasons: portability, convenience, economical, environment-friendly, and safe.

Solar energy is electricity generated from sunlight. It has various applications such as in agriculture, lighting, vehicles, and more. The invention of solar camping stoves has brought about myriad of advantages. Below are some types of the solar stoves namely:

Sport solar oven

Practicality makes this solar cooker advantageous as compared to others. The outer casing, which is an insulating plastic, is made of lightweight and resilient materials. It is versatile because it can be used for roasting, baking, cooking any type of food. Made from fiber glass, its insulation material keeps moisture away while cooking. Although insulation is good, it allows sunlight to pass through the lid and facilitate cooking. With its no-tip-over design, stability is not a problem at all regardless of the surface level.

Sun oven

As a solar appliance, it has a built-in thermostat and collapsible reflectors that is capable of generating as much as 360 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Baking, steaming, and boiling are just some of its functionalities. The external features are presentable because it is covered with black enamel and weighs 21 pounds. Its foldable legs make it very handy and transferable.

Solar Grill

This is a build-your-own solar grill that uses an old satellite dish and scrap metals. It is a dual cooking device, which uses fuel and solar energy. It is capable of performing any cooking method such as baking, broiling, stewing, frying, and boiling. Since the power comes directly from the sun, it is considered environment-friendly due to absence of harmful chemicals in the air.

Advantages of a portable solar-powered camping stove


Most of the camping stoves are designed for easy transport; thus, portability is one of its characteristic features. In addition, it has collapsible legs that make it easier to carry and store.


You won’t be having any problem with fuel shortage when using solar-powered stoves. Instead, you are even helping in the conservation of energy.


Since the sun’s energy is for free, absolutely there is no need to purchase fuel and wood to generate heat or electricity. All you need to do is to save energy by trapping the rays on a solar panel where it can be stored. This would mean a lot of savings on the part of the consumers.


Without the use of fuel, there are no apparent contaminants such as carbon monoxide can harm the air. No soot formation is also noted because of the absence of combustible chemical, which is fuel.


Using solar camping stoves, accidental spillage of fuel and danger of catching fire are less likely to happen because the only source of heat is the sunlight.