3 Types of TV Wall Mounting Brackets For Your Flat Screen

If you would like to mount your flatscreen TV to a wall, you will need to purchase a TV wall mounting bracket. There is a little bit to know about the types of TV wall mounting brackets, so read about them and then decide which option works best for you.

There are three basic types of TV wall mounting brackets:

· Low Profile – the most budget friendly choice, and easiest to install; however, there is no range of motion at all, because your TV is affixed closely to the wall. If you need to have access to cables or wiring, this can be very inconvenient and will probably involve you removing the TV from the wall to access the back of it.

· Tilting wall mount – slightly more expensive than a low profile TV wall mount bracket; however, it allows vertical range of motion. You can also access cabling and wires on the back of your flatscreen easily, if needed.

· Full motion wall mount – as the name implies, this TV wall mounting bracket allows full range of motion of your TV. You can move it out from the wall, from side to side and up and down. If you need to move your TV around often, this is most likely the best choice. The drawbacks are that it is certainly the most expensive option and the installation procedure is a lot more complex because there are many moving parts.

If you are not sure where you want your TV mounted, try using a piece of cardboard representative of the size of your TV. You can easily tape it to the wall and see how it looks without drilling holes in the wall needlessly. If you want to mount your TV over your fireplace, double check how much heat escapes upwards where your TV will be located. Heat can damage a TV, and this is the last thing you want to do. If you are determined to hang your TV over your fireplace regardless of the heat, you may want to consider installing a heat shield that will deflect the heat from your TV and redirect it away from the unit.

Your new flatscreen is an investment, and you probably paid a fair bit of money for it, so you want to ensure that it is mounted correctly and securely to the wall with absolutely no chance of falling off. You will enjoy your flatscreen for many years to come.