3:33 am?

What is it with angels and digital clocks? I fell sleep just after 11pm and am still trying to recover from the switch to daylight savings time. I really do not need to be up and working right now, or do I? I had asked my angels earlier today to help me write some more articles. So, at 3:33 am they wake me up whispering something or other and insisting I need to get up and work. Geez! Have a little heart guys! I have a two year old for pete's sake. Do not they know how tired I'm going to be trying to keep up with him tomorrow !? Nick Bunick spoke at my church years ago when his book The Messengers was such a big hit. One of the things he mentioned that really touched me was how the angels would come to him at 4:44 and how the numbers 444 showed all of the time in reference to them. I know exactly what he's talking about. They seem to have a great love of repeat numbers. So, as I drink my coffee and wipe the sleep from my eyes I ask them, "Well, what do you want to talk about?"

Their response was to remind me of some of the stuff that I'm researching right now. Not a topic I want to discuss quite yet. That's why I'm researching it, so I can have something fundamental to put behind my claims besides just 'hey this really weird thing happened to me.' They said it's not the topic that matters but the research material that I've found. My thoughts were, "What information? Anyone else else has channeled on the subject looks pretty vague and worthless. I have not found anything to explain what happened!" Exactly their point. Huh? Tell them to clear the channels, be more specific, accountable.

When I first started communicating with guardian angels and spirit guides, I used to get really angry. They're saying the most bizarre things that mean nothing to me until after an event took place and then there would be this sudden ah-ha moment and I would finally understand what it was they had been trying to say to me. They were fond of using visual pictures and keyword phrases that remind me of a Google search. I would then have to decipher it all to figure out what the message was. I hate that. I'm a busy woman and I often have too much on my plate. Get to the point already!

One day, they told me to buy a particular book about how to talk to your angels. That may even be the title of it. It was better written then most. My angels made me give it away to someone who was scared and getting ready to go in for surgery. I wish I still had it sometimes, but apparently I do not really need it anymore. Anyway, in this book the author talked about how to develop a strong helpful relationship with your guardian angels. Sheave tips on ways to communicate with them.

One of the best things I took away from that book was the idea that I could choose how we communicated. She said to tell them exactly how you want to converse. Do you want to do it through music? Visual signs? Do you want them to guide you through humorous events? You decide. For me personally, I wanted to be hit upside down the head with a brick. Do not use any of those vague riddles or anything. If you have something to say to me, say it straight up. You better have more than just a vague warm fuzzy mystery when you come knocking on my door. I hate having to guess at what they're saying. I am afraid I'm going to make it all up in my head. I want clear directions, clear information, clear warnings, and clear signs of confirmation when it's all done. I will repeat back to them what it is I think they're saying. Then, they are supposed to give me a big fat clear thumbs up that is not some stupid coincidence.

The one area I have never been able to control is when they talk to me. I can ask questions and they will answer me, but not until they're darn well good and ready. It's like the topic I'm researching. They will not explain it right now, so I'm trying to find out if other New Age people have experienced it or if they have heard anything about it. I have not seen anything anywhere. There's just this vague stuff around a similar topic. Bah! I hate vague.

Why are so many of the professional channels okay with the fact that they are not giving concrete information. Most of what I'm seeing channeled is just, 'yeah we love you, we're proud of you, you're going to be shifting into the umpteenth dimension soon …' They're not angry gods threatening to hit us With lightening bolts! Ask for some clarity already! What exactly do these other dimensions look like and give me some scientific data to back it up. Maybe that's why I'm NOT the one being told to channel that stuff! I'd demand back-up proof before I'd be willing to go public with it. That's just me.

I'm not suppose to channel big newsworthy predictions. I'm suppose to let you know they're available to each of you on a one on one basis and that it's normal to feel crazy when you talk to them. I'm suppose to bring peace of mind to those of you who are hearing them calling you to do some sort of good deeds and to let you know that you are not alone. I'm supposed to explain them in a way that makes them less intimidating and more approachable. Honestly, they will not bite! Just talk to them openly and honestly as you would any other friend. Tell them what you need, want, like, and prefer. They'll listen.

Copyright 2004, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow's Edge